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Will Squyres Helicopter Trips

Kauai Helicopter Trips, Hawaiian Vacation Rentals has received excellent feedback on this activity. This trip takes you through the Napali Coast line that is known for its towering razor sharp cliffs and secluded beaches – it’s like waiting for the Jurassic Park dinosaurs to peer back from the prehistoric vegetation.

The tour includes many famous areas that have made the “Garden Island” a favorite location for Hollywood movies such as “6 days, 7 nights”, “King Kong”, and many more. Sights also include the lush valleys of Mt. Waialeale dotted with waterfalls and the colorful and intricate Waimea Canyon. Wear a dark shirt if you want to take pictures. A white shirt makes a reflection on the window and will show up in the pictures. Caution on the dips – if you have a weak stomach, you might lose your lunch.

There are certain restrictions like no scuba diving 24 hours prior to departure, no hats or oversized bags and passengers must provide an approximate height and weight. Flight time is about 1 hour. We have done this and highly recommend it. Truly a once in a lifetime experience!

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