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The history of Kauai - What makes this the best vacation destination

An eruption deep in the ocean resulted in a beautiful set of islands in the Pacific, not to mention amazing coral reefs. One of the beautiful islands that resulted from the eruption is Kauai, which is just one of the Hawaiian islands. However, Kauai is considered the most beautiful island of all, not to mention it is the oldest. And while Kauai is still beautiful today simply imagine how beautiful it was in the fourth or fifth century when it was discovered in all its natural splendor? These initial residents of Kauai not only discovered the area, but also had a lasting impression on Hawaiian culture and the today popular koi at luaus which was made from taro brought by the initial settlers.

There was a struggle for the land in Hawaii and Kauai was the only island that was not conquered by King Kamehameha I, however despite this victory the king of Kauai King Kaumualii offered the island of Kauai to King Kamehameha I as a peace offering to end the bloodshed that was destroying the island. Then, hundreds of years after the initial settlers Captain James Cook “discovered” the island when he was sailing to Alaska. He found himself at Waimea, in Kauai, which is certainly a great place to stopover.

Captain James Cook is said to be the first westerner who ever landed in the Hawaiian islands, and like every land with western “discoverers” the course of the islands history was changed forever and that of Captain Cook's as well. He was first considered by the Hawaiian natives as “sent from the gods” and was treated as such. However, when Captain Cook and his boats set sail ultimately experiencing problems and were required to return to the big island of Hawaii problems arose with the villagers. This return made the villagers apprehensive and angry, feeling as if a ‘god' would not have had those types of difficulties and as a result the villagers scorned Cook and his crew, not to mention reacted violently.

Not too long after his return, and the Hawaiian villagers' negative perception, Cook was murdered on the big island of Hawaii. Regardless, despite the way he fell he is still recognized on the island with a big bronze statue. Other historical aspects of the island also include how the island survived and prospered.

Sugar plantations on the island led to prosperity and by 1893 Hawaii was on its way to statehood after its Queen Liliuokalani was overturned. This part of Kauai 's history is truly amazing and there are many Kauai activities involving the sugar plantations and its respective history.

However, there are a lot of details about Kauai and the history surrounding the oldest island is simply incredible and worth learning more about. Here, of course, we won't tell you everything because it is no fun to learn all about the history of Kauai in an online article when you can learn all about Kauai in person!

On Kauai there is a great museum in Lihue called the Kauai Museum. This is one of the best activities in Kauai and you can easily visit this museum and learn more of the details of Kauai's past, not to mention see many photos and relics from the past that will help you understand more about the island and how Kauai became the Kauai of today.

After you visit the museum you will be able to check out more historic sites and places by purchasing a tourist map. These maps are made especially for tourists and historic sites are clearly marked and directions are easy to follow. One of your first informational visits should be to Kokee Natural History Museum located in Kokee State Park. You will be interested in the information on flora and fauna, history and many other elements covered by this great museum.

Other Kauai activities and ways to explore the island of Kauai are to visit the beaches, volcanoes, canyons and the like for a great historical day on the history of these locations and their ultimate effects on the island. You may even be interested in Kauai activities like taking a historical tour of Kauai where some of the more notable historic areas are pointed out and described in detail. If you are visiting the island you should certainly take the time to get to know a little about it so you can better appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

Because Kauai is so rich in history, not to mention natural beauty, it is obviously one of the best vacation destinations in the world. When you arrive you will be surprised that such an exotic and beautiful area existed and as you learn more about Kauai and explore you will naturally be interested in its past and history. More than likely you will want to learn about the luaus and how they became part of Hawaii 's tradition, the history of the language, Hawaiian architecture as well as the food preparation. The more you learn the more you will want to know about Kauai and the longer you will want to stay. For example, while you are wondering at the beautiful plants that are such lush and vibrant you might simply enjoy their beauty. But, it is interesting to know that the majority of beautiful plants in Hawaii were taken there by the Polynesians.

Because of this rich heritage, amazing beaches, out of this world surfing, and the many activities you should consider booking your next vacation to Kauai, Hawaii. Simply find a vacation rental in Kauai where you can spend your vacation, book it, buy some plane tickets, and head off to a historical and enchanted island where you can relax and enjoy all there is to do on Kauai.

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