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We offer listing and advertising opportunities for your rental property, activity or restaurant. Please contact us for our sales kit and more information.

For $1,800 a year, you can have your property listed on this site.  It ranks 1st and / or 2nd for all major searches for condos in Kauai.  For your money you get a listing on the front page which rotates position daily.  The listing on the front page includes a picture and description and then takes the client to your own page which you have control of and can change content whenever you want to.

Listing Benefits
WailuaBay.com has been online and serving the Kauai niche since 1997. We currently rank well for all the pertinent keywords in the major search engines. We continually strive to improve our website and marketing methods. This ensures our traffic is steady and relevant.

With our property and activity finder tool, your listing will receive maximum exposure for those looking for something specific. All advertisers will be allocated a full webpage to display your activity, vacation rental or restaurant. For added exposure, consider a featured listing on our homepage.

Technical Benefits
All advertisers are given secured access to an administrative tool which allows you to easily manage your listing. Upload your images, text and more. Statistical information allows you to quickly see how many visits to your webpage, inquiries sent and conversion ratio.

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