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A guide to getting married in Kauai
Everyone wants their wedding to be special and there is nowhere in the world that can make it more special than Kauai. Tying the knot on Kauai is certainly a one of a kind experience not to mention unbelievably beautiful.

A guide to packing for Hawaii - How to make the most of what's in your suitcase
Making vacation plans for Hawaii probably has you searching all your favorite stores for the best tropical inspired clothing of the season, however packing for a Hawaiian vacation requires more than simply picking out tropical themed clothing.

A guide to packing for Kauai
When planning a trip to Kauai it is easy to get so excited about the trip that you forget what you need to pack! However, make a list so this does not happen to you. When you are well prepared for your Kauai vacation you will enjoy the trip more.

Activities in Kauai to make your vacation memorable
Whether you are heading to Kauai on a family vacation, honeymoon or business trip you will find plenty of activities geared to you. The following suggestions are just a few of the many activities awaiting you on tropical Kauai island.

Air Tours Ė An awesome way to see Kauai
A guide to some of the air tour operators in Kauai.

ATV and Biking Activities on Kauai
There is so much more to do in Hawaii than simply go to the beach! In fact, you might enjoy spending a day riding an ATV around.

Camping in Kauai
A great way to really enjoy Kauai in all its splendor is to camp out! Not only will you get to hear and see parts of Kauai that others donít you will also save lots of money.

Checklist and helpful tips for a vacation in Kauai
A checklist and guide to planning and preparing for your Kauai vacation.

Delicious Hawaiian Foods You Must Try
There are so many delicious Hawaiian foods that you should try as many as you have the opportunity to try.

Eat great in Kauai on a budget
If you are visiting our beautiful island of Kauai then you should check out some of the following local restaurants that are amazingly inexpensive, at least when you consider the other prices on the island and serve up some amazing meals.

Exploring beautiful Hawaii
Everyone wants to go to Hawaii, and why should you be any different? You shouldn’t, as there are so many great things to see and do in Hawaii that you should experience first hand.

Finding a rental home in Kauai
If you are looking into taking a trip to Kauai then you can find several accommodation options. Researching, as well as knowing what you will want for your stay can help in determining the right accommodations for your stay in Kauai.

Getting around Kauai on your vacation
Once you arrive on Kauai you will need to decide how you plan on getting around. There are a lot of transportation options and the one you choose will be determined by your preferences, budget, and the amount of people in your group.

Golfing in Kauai - Plenty of Courses to Try!
No matter what skill level you are you will be able to enjoy golfing in Kauai. There are nine different courses to choose from in Kauai.

Great activities to enjoy in Kauai
If you are planning your next family vacation to the island of Kauai, you more than likely are already planning the various activities that you believe your family will enjoy.

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