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North shore beaches - Larsen’s, Papa’a Bay, Aliomanu and Anahola beach park

Four other beaches that help make up Kauai’s north shore include Larsen’s Beach, Papa’a Bay, ‘Aliomanu Beach, and Anahola Beach Park. These beaches aren’t the easiest to arrive at and are not overflowing with tourists. However, they are all unique in their own right and worthy of a trip while on Kauai.

Larsen’s Beach
A slightly sloping trail leads to this secluded beach. And, although it is secluded it is absolutely breathtaking with its beautifully clear waters. While here you take time to walk the beach, sunbathe, snorkel or simply sit back and take it all in.

Lava rocks in the ocean allow for good snorkeling, although individuals should steer clear of the Pakala Channel. This is where the ocean water that breaks over the reef drains through and it can cause dangerous situations for swimmers and snorkelers. Keep in mind that experienced snorkelers will enjoy Larsen’s Beach while beginner snorkelers should find a safer place to view the underwater beauties. Some of the beautiful sights snorkelers will see include fish and lots of coral!

To reach Larsen’s Beach take the north Ko’olau Road that is right before mile marker 20. When you are 1 2/10 mile from the north end of this road then you will take the Beach Access on the left all the way to the end. Enter the cattle guard and continue to the trail’s bottom some 140 feet below. It will take you five or 10 minutes to reach the bottom of the trail, but it is worth it. Take note of where the trail let you out onto the beach and try to avoid the cattle.

Papa’a Bay
Papa’a Bay is beautiful but getting there can be quite a problem not to mention when you arrive it might smell a bit fishy. If you still want to check it out, and it is beautiful, then simply take the North ‘Aliomanu Beach access and then walk boulder to boulder for about 1000 feet. After you have finished hopping the boulders you will arrive at Papa’a Bay, enjoy!

‘Aliomanu Beach
Although it has one name ‘Aliomanu Beach is really two beaches! A fringe reef is off the south beach and many locals use this beach for pole fishing, hunting octopus, and harvesting limu, an edible seaweed. A parking lot above the beach makes access fairly easy although a short walk is required to get down to the beach. The water has lots of rocks and is really not suitable for more than what the locals use it for, however the beach is beautiful.

Anahola Beach Park
The Hawaiian Homelands surround Anahola Beach Park and many of the individuals at this beach are Hawaiians. If you choose to visit this beach you will notice that it is pretty and enjoy swimming on the eastern side of the bay of on the northern end. Not too many locals visit Anahola Beach Park, but there is no reason for them not to! The first Aliomanu Road will take you right to Anahola Beach Park.

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