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ATV and Biking Activities on Kauai

No matter what you like to do at home you will find that there are plenty of fun activities on Kauai that you might enjoy for the day that aren’t part of your normal routine. These include ATV tours as well as biking the island.

ATV Tours
There is so much more to do in Hawaii than simply go to the beach! In fact, you might enjoy spending a day riding an ATV around. They are a great way to see other parts of the island that you probably hadn’t even thought about not to mention a whole lot of fun for the entire family. The scenery is absolutely outstanding and you will get to see a lot of things you didn’t realize were part of Kauai. Keep in mind that you can’t just rent an ATV and take off to explore on your own. Instead, you will pay upwards of $100 for a three or four hour tour. Everyone will be on ATVs and a guide will lead you around and show you different points of interest. More than likely you will get dirty, but you will see waterfalls, pastures, woods, and other beautiful sights. Taking an ATV tour really is an exciting activity to include on your Kauai vacation. Some of the businesses that provide these tours are Kipu Ranch Adventures and Kauai ATV, with Kipu Ranch providing the best experience and the most bang for the buck.

Biking on Kauai
Biking in Kauai can be a whole lot of fun and a great way to get some exercise as well as sun not to mention see the island! Of course, you can’t bike over the entire island carefree. There are bike lanes or shoulders for biking that run form Princeville to Mana, but after that there are really no good biking lanes left. You can have a lot of fun just biking around and seeing what’s out there. Of course, if you are more serious you might want to consider mountain biking!

Mountain biking is also a lot of fun although it is more vigorous not to mention dirtier! You will find the dirt roads near Maha’ulepu and Po’ipu to be a lot of fun and offer some challenges. The roads at the end of Kuamo’o Road also provide some nice mountain biking as do the Kuilau and Moalep Trails. There is also a road near Anahola and Kealia Beach that you might like to try out.

You probably aren’t going to arrive on Kauai with your very own mountain bike although some people do. If you need to rent one then you will find Kauai Cycle and Tour in Kapa’a, Outfitters Kauai in Po’ipu, and Pedel ’n Paddle in Hanalei. Renting a mountain bike will cost you anywhere from $20-$45 per day depending on the bike you wan to rent. Keep in mind that if you request a bike with extras it will cost extra.

If you want to enjoy riding bikes but don’t want to expend too much effort then you might enjoy the Bicycle Downhill offered by Outfitters Kauai. It’s several hours of bike riding but almost all of it is downhill which means less work for you and more enjoyment at the same time! You will take the company’s van up the Waimea Canyon and then coast downhill. It costs about $80, but it is a whole lot of fun and there is a lot to see!

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