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Great reasons to visit Kauai

The Hawaiian Islands are ones which are known for their lush, tropical beauty and picturesque settings. When individuals are booking their Hawaiian vacation, they may wonder where the best place to go in Hawaii might be. There really is no definitive answer to this question as all areas of Hawaii are unique and brilliant in their own way yet one place which calls back tourists time and time again is the island of Kauai. There are many reasons why vacationers find that Kauai is a wonderful place to visit.

Wailua River Cruise to Fern Grotto
One of the most popular tourist attractions on the island of Kauai is the river cruise up the Wailua River to the Fern Grotto destination. These great tours give visitors insight into the sheer beauty of Kauai and the cruise provides additional forms of entertainment and fun to those who embark upon them. There are a number of tour companies who take individuals up the river in motorized boats and provide various types of entertainment along the way. Not only will those aboard get to enjoy the natural scenery along the riverbanks but will be provided with entertaining dances and songs along the journey as well.

Indulge in the Beautiful Sight of Humpback Whales
For those who visit Kauai in the fall and winter seasons, the sight of beautiful humpback whales may be a prevalent one. These whales travel from Alaska down to Hawaii so that they can mate and nurse their young in the warm waters. There are many tours which an individual can take to ensure a humpback whale sighting and some tour groups will even guarantee whale sightings during specific time periods or else the tour is free. For those who wish to see the whales yet do not want to book a tour they may still be able to do so from the shores of Kauai as the whale population during the fall and winter seasons is quite great.

Enjoy the Kauai Children’s DiscoveryMuseum
For all the families who are visiting the island of Kauai, another great stop on the to do list should be the Kauai Children’s Discovery Museum. This is a place which is perfect for kids of all ages as well as all of the individuals out there who are children at heart. The Kauai Children’s Discovery Museum entertains and educates visitors by allowing them to learn via a hands on method. At the museum, visitors will view various exhibits and can even view the stars at the Starlight Planetarium. This is the perfect place for kids to be kids and learn while having fun.

The Na Pali Coast
If nature is what one craves on a Hawaiian vacation, then touring the Na Pali Coast is a must. This non-vehicle traffic area is one which boasts a natural environment for those who wish to view the lush greens of the area. Individuals who wish to tour the Na Pali Coast can do so via foot or water. There are various hiking trails which visitors can follow throughout the Coast. If the waterways are the more desired way to reach the Na Pali Coast, one can get there via rented catamaran, kayak or motorboat. For those who wish to see the coast with a group, there are many tour groups who provide access to the Na Pali Coast as well as many other amenities to those who join the tour.

Experience a Hawaiian Luau
Another great reason to visit Kauai is to experience an authentic Hawaiian luau. The luau is a combination of dinner, dance and music. Individuals who attend one of the many luaus held on the island will find themselves dining on delicious meals of huli-huli chicken and haupia and watching the mystical dances and songs presented by the luau hosts. Attending a Hawaiian luau in Kauai is another great reason to visit this enchanting island.

Superb Golf Courses
For all of the golfers out there, another wonderful reason to plan a trip to Kauai is to play a great game of golf. There are a multitude of top-rated golf courses on the island and one who wishes to play a round of golf will not be disappointed with all that Kauai has to offer in the way of this popular sport. Puakea Golf Course is one course in particular which may strike the fancy of golfers near and far. The views as well as the course composition itself are well worth the visit.

Kauai has many things to offer its visitors. There is a little something for everyone to enjoy on the island whether one wishes to tour, swim, golf or dine. The hard part is trying to fit everything in during the vacation as there is so much to see and do on the island of Kauai

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