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The Blue Room - An Exploration Worthwhile

The Blue Room is on Kauai’s north shore. It is close to the very end of the road in this area. Once you are at this point you simply take the hill and walk down it. You will arrive at the mouth of a cave and notice cold, clear water there. You will need to enter the water in order to arrive at the Blue Room. In order to get there you need to swim on the right side of the cave towards the back and go underneath the notch that is shaped like a triangle. Here there is a ledge and if you are in the correct place it should provide no problem for you to swim underneath it.

Once you arrive at this point you will enjoy swimming and enjoying all the different areas of the cave. You of course don’t have to get in the water to see the cave, but if you decide to do so you will have an experience like no other.

Why the Name?
The name “The Blue Room” was given to this area many years ago. At this point in time the water level in the cave was higher and it covered the ledge. The light that entered the cave behind the ledge was naturally filtered and appeared blue. These days the water level is significantly lower and although it is a great place to explore and see still the room is not as blue as it once was. The Blue Room is much cooler when the water level is high but it has been low for some time and there is no real explanation as to why.

Is it Safe?
Swimming in the Blue Room is safe just keep in mind that all freshwater has the potential of being infected with bacteria. There are signs up to point this out, but don’t let that deter you. As long as you are careful you should not concern yourself too much with bacteria in this particular location. Just don’t go drinking great big mouthfuls of the water unless you purify it first.

Arriving at the Blue Room is pretty easy. You simply park your car in the parking lot that is about 2/10 of a mile past the Limahuli Garden. You will see a trail that is relatively short. Take it and this will lead you to the trail. If you want to improve your experience at the Blue Room then take a snorkel as well as water shoes to enhance the encounter.

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