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Kauai Activities - Boogie Boarding

When you think of Kauai you probably immediately think of the surf and the sand. And although there are a lot of other activities to enjoy while on Kauai the beach and the ocean certainly rank right on up there. Especially with the boogie boarders who love to get out in the water and catch a wave! Boogie boarding on Kauai can be a lot of fun and an affordable activity as well. Just keep in mind the dangers of the ocean and you should have lots of fun Boogie Boarding on Kauai.

Kids and Boogie Boarding
Boogie boarding is a perfect activity for your kids especially if they already know how to catch a wave. Just keep in mind the waves are generally stronger in Kauai and if your child is not careful they could get hurt. So, just watch out for high surf, big waves, and let your kids know where it is safe to boogie board and not.

What to Wear
It might sound strange, but what you wear when boogie boarding is pretty important. A shirt is really a necessity because the board and the sand can create some raw spots on your chest that are not only unattractive but quite painful as well. Just put on a shirt and enjoy the waves. This will also help you avoid getting burned so it works for two purposes.

Some reef shoes or water shoes are really important as well because there are lots of rocks, urchins, and other things under the water that could cut your feet. That’s the last thing you want so simply wear some shoes or fins and you can catch more waves and not get hurt. What a combination!

How to Boogie Board
Boogie boarding is really easy because you just lie your body on the board and let the wave take you. It helps to push off as a wave is coming up, but bigger waves will just carry you on top of them! It’s a lot of fun and doesn’t require much experience and hardly any balance. Pretty much anyone can boogie board from young to old.

Boogie boarding is also pretty cheap. You can rent a board for $5-$7 a day or else rent one for an entire week at $15-$25. Most hotels have boogie boards for rent

Where to Boogie
You will likely find that the following beaches are great places to boogie board. Kealia Beach is a wonderful boogie boarding spot, but the waves are strong so don’t go if you are not a strong swimmer. Kalapaki Beach is the perfect boogie boarding spot for kids and those who are just learning. And, Brennecke Beach is once again a great place to boogie board or just spend the day.

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