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Kauai’s South Shore Beaches - Shipwreck Beach and Brennecke Beach

These two south shore beaches have their own fame. Shipwreck Beach is known for its appearance in the movie Six Days/Seven Nights while Brennecke Beach is known for almost being destroyed by a hurricane. It was eventually revitalized and is now a favorite place for boogie boarders!

Shipwreck Beach
In front of the Hyatt is Shipwreck Beach, also known as Keoniloa Beach. The first name was given to this strip of sand due to an old shipwreck found there, which no longer exists. Swimming at this beach is never a good idea because the currents and the surf are really strong. However, Shipwreck beach is a favorite among surfers, boogie boarders, windsurfers, and body surfers at the eastern end where the waves are good for these activities. A green flag means the water is safe, although it’s a joke that a green flag has never been put up despite the safe conditions that do occur from time to time.

If you like taking risks, or having a lot of fun, then jump off the Makawehi Point. It’s a cliff that is fun to jump off of into the ocean below although it might not be the best idea and accidents can happen. If you have seen the movie Six Days/Seven Nights then you saw the stunt doubles for Ann Heche an Harrison Ford jumping off this cliff.

Brennecke Beach
If you want to see a whole bunch of turtles then check out Brennecke Beach. Not to mention the boogie boarding here is bodacious. Surfing here is not allowed because the area is pretty small. However, the waves are usually good for expert boogie boarders and those just learning because waves break far out as well close to shore. If you don’t have your own boogie board you might consider renting one at the Nukomoi Surf Company that is conveniently located across the street. This beach is usually good for boogie boarding, but don’t just take that generality as a green light to hop in the water. The conditions can change fairly fast and you don’t want to get caught in high seas or strong currents. Just pay attention and you should be ok.

Back in 1992 this beach was actually almost destroyed by a hurricane. With the help of many volunteers, lots of sand, and the elimination of a seawall Brennecke Beach made a comeback. You can’t tell today the destruction that occurred almost 15 years ago because of the dedication of the volunteers to bring the beach back to life.

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