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Transportation - Great features for your vehicle

Time and technology has brought the car industry some great features that you may want to consider for your next vehicle. Technology not only makes vehicles safer to drive, it also makes vehicles more fun to drive. The more vehicles evolve, the more they become extensions of our homes and ourselves. Different brands of vehicles offer different features, but there are some really great things out there that can really seal the deal for you, and make you fall in love with a vehicle.

Keyless Entry
Keyless entry is something that has made gaining access to your car much easier when you are carrying the kids or the groceries to the car. As if your sleeping kiddo or your three bags of groceries weren’t enough, cars in the past would require us to try to balance things in our hands precariously as we unlocked the door manually with our key. Now, you can simply touch a button from several feet away and the doors unlock. Some minivans also have the ability to open the doors from a keyless remote. This can make getting your sleeping or crying children into their car seats even simpler than you had ever imagined! Luckily, most cars now feature keyless entry, even base models so everyone can benefit from this seemingly simple but convenient way to gain entry to your vehicle.

Digital Displays
This may seem like a no brainer, but digital displays in cars are very handy because they let you know exactly what is going on with your vehicle. Not only can you tell your exact speed (no more guessing if the speedometer is on 48 mph or 52), but you can determine exactly when you need to fuel up, when you need to change the oil, what temperature your vehicle is running at, and even what the temperature is outside. The benefit of digital displays is that a driver does not have to take his or her eyes off the road for as long as the information is right there and they needn’t try to gauge how well their vehicle is operating from moment to moment. Digital displays not only give the car a more clean appearance, they are more functional for every driver.

CD Changer
CD players have become standard in most vehicles, even in the base models. CD players have taken the place of the tape deck in almost every vehicle lineup and this is great for people that love to have their own music in their vehicle. What is offered now is a CD changer. This allows drivers to put several of their favorite CDs in the player before they leave for work or that road trip so that they can switch between CDs as they desire. This is not only convenient, it also adds an element of safety, as the driver does not have to look down or try to change a CD while driving. CD changers are by no means standard but it is a fun, convenient, and even safe feature that many buyers are requesting for their vehicles. A great addition to any CD changer is the addition of XM Satellite Radio, which allows the user to have uninterrupted music that sounds great and is without commercials.

Heated and Cooled Seats
While air conditioning and heating is another feature that has become standard in most vehicles, heated and cooled seats are a fun and relatively new feature that more and more buyers are considering essential. While the air conditioner and heater work great, the cold or hot seat isn’t all that comfortable, and that is where the heated and cooled seat comes in. Immediately your body will return to a more comfortable temperature. This is not a standard feature, but more and more automobile manufacturers are offering this in their more luxurious vehicles because it really does add a level of comfort and luxury to the vehicle. And, buyers are willing to pay for this amenity! Heated and cooled seats are great, making your vehicle the perfect place to be whether it’s hot and sunny or cold and snowy.

Climate Control
While air conditioning and heating have become standard in vehicles, this does not mean that these features are functional for the whole vehicle. As our vehicles get larger in the way of space in minivans and SUVs it’s important for climate control to evolve. Finally, manufacturers are adding climate control features for the rear seats so that everyone in the vehicle can feel comfortable. No more freezing in the driver seat while those in the rear seats are sweating! Individual climate control makes the ride more comfortable for everyone.

Just about everyone has seen the commercials for OnStar, which is a system that gives users the ability to call for help if they need it while in their vehicle. A push of the button puts the driver in touch with an operator that can unlock doors or call for emergency help if needed. This is a great feature that all GM vehicles feature and there is no doubt that many will consider this an essential feature in the future. This feature is a sign of just how far technology has taken us!

As you can see, these are some fun and even safe features for you to consider for your next vehicle purchase. Not every manufacturer will offer all of these features, but if you know what features are important you can always find a vehicle that offers some or all of them. Safety, comfort, and fun driving are important to most of us, and now there are features that can help make that happen.

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