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Kauai’s Powered Hang Glider

Now, this is not hang gliding, this is a powered hang glider. There is a difference and one that you should be aware of! These are also called trikes and they are simply an outstanding way to get a bird’s eye view of Kauai not to mention feeling as if you are a bird yourself.

What is it?
This activity is simply outstanding. The trike is made up of a body with an engine. It is stable and also provides a powered parachute for those emergency situations in case one ever arises. These powered hang gliders are like little planes in the fact that they take off and land at an airport, but other than that there is no likeness other than that they are in the sky! You have a completely different feeling when you are in a trike than you do when you are in an airplane. You will simply be amazed at how wonderful it feels to be in a trike. Of course, this is not a cheap activity although it is perhaps the coolest thing you could possibly do. It costs approximately $115 for a half an hour or $190 for a full hour. You could choose to fly for as long as two hours if you wanted to pay the price. One cool aspect about the experience is there is a camera mounted to the side that will take pictures throughout the trip. At the end of the flight you can buy the pictures for $25 if you want them. And, you probably will. The experience of flying in a trike is simply out of this world and something that most people can’t imagine until they do it. You might think that it costs too much money and that you would rather do two other activities rather than just this one. Well, that is up to you. But, if you choose this activity you certainly will have memories to last you a lifetime not to mention an adrenaline rush like you have never had before. In fact, if you choose to take the trike up in the air you will probably want to pay another $115 just to go back up. It truly is addicting and gives you a feeling like nothing else can. If you are bold and brazen give it a try. You are sure to fall in love with it just like everyone else that has ever been up in a powered hang glider.

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