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The Island Music

People planning a vacation to Kauai rarely consider the beautiful music they will encounter upon arrival. However, the truth of the matter is that traditional Hawaiian music is beautiful in its own tropical, soothing way. Today there are additional types of Hawaiian music including hip-hop, reggae, and modern. Regardless, the traditional Hawaiian music is more than likely what you will hear when you are on the islands.

The Sound
Hawaiian music is generally played in conjunction with individuals dancing the hula. The sound is very original and reminiscent of the past. Three guitar styled instruments are instrumental in the Hawaiian music sound. They are made up of the steel guitar, the ukulele, and the slack key guitar.

Of course, there are other types of Hawaiian music as well and it all does not sound the same. Each type of Hawaiian music has its own sound, style, and new ones are emerging every single day!

Appreciate the Sounds
When you are on the island open your hears and your soul to the traditional Hawaiian music. You will most certainly hear it as you engage in different activities, and will surely enjoy it if you attend a hula. Let your ears hear the music while your heat absorbs it. You might not understand the words, but you can almost feel the past and you will be blown away.

While you are on Kauai take advantage of the Hawaiian radio stations as well. There you will be introduced to a variety of different types of Hawaiian music and you just might find a new appreciation while you are at it.

Local Hawaiian bands frequently play at bars and other venues. This is a great opportunity when you are on Kauai to hear new music and experience a completely new scene. You never know, you might end up enjoying it more than you had imagined and want to buy a CD or two!

Two stores where you can pick up some Hawaiian CDs include Paradise Music and Borders Books and Music. Of course, if you hear any Hawaiian bands live they may be selling their CDs at the show so check it out!

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