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Transportation - The advantages and disadvantages to driving an SUV

The sport utility vehicle (SUV) is one class of automobile that continues to grow in popularity as the years pass by. Known for their rugged appearance yet comfortable ride, these cars have a number of wonderful attributes that make them a hot ticket item in automobile sales. The following paragraphs will highlight the positive aspects of SUVs and Jeeps along with some of the noted disadvantages of driving an SUV.

Advantages to Driving an SUV
The first advantage to driving an SUV is the room that an automobile of this type provides. With its spacious seating capacity as well as extra luggage and carrying space in the rear of the vehicle, an SUV provides an amenity such as size which its regular automobile counterparts do not. SUVs are extremely popular with families who like the room yet do not want to operate a minivan in order to gain the spacious component. An SUV provides the space without feeling too much like a family car. These cars are very similar in concept and engine layout to Jeeps. A good example of a SUV / Jeep hybrid is the Jeep Commander.

Another advantage to purchasing and driving an SUV are the off-road components which are often added onto the base model SUV. Since the SUV started off as being a rugged, off-road vehicle, the companies realized this aspect is still desirable to some individuals and can be added onto the base model as a sports package.

Along the same lines as the Jeep off-road component, SUVs are also popular for their 4-wheel drive capabilities that many vehicles in this category provide. SUVs are wonderful vehicles to operate in inclement weather such as snow, rain and even ice to some extent. The 4-wheel drive component of an SUV is one which draws a lot of potential car buyers to the showroom to take a look at this characteristic jeep like component.

General handling capabilities are another beneficial attribute of most SUVs. Although each make and model of SUV comes with its own degree of handling capabilities, it can arguably be said that the overall handling capability concomitant with a vehicle of this type is one which rivals many other vehicle types. Having a vehicle that handles well on all types of road surfaces and terrain is an extremely good quality for an automobile to have.

Lastly, the sheer size and structure of an SUV is a great quality in and of itself. Many individuals who purchase SUVs do so because of their large size as they feel that they are safer on the road due to the fact that they are sitting up high and are in a massive structure when compared to some of the other vehicles on the road. Certain individuals may feel that they are less vulnerable driving an SUV than they would be in a lower and smaller vehicle.

Disadvantages to Driving an SUV
As with any product, there will be cons alongside of the pros. One frequently cited disadvantage to driving an SUV as opposed to any other type of automobile is the cost of fuel to operate a vehicle of this type. Due to the fact that gas prices have been increasing in the past few months, it can easily be understood that individuals may be a bit nervous about the amount of money it costs to fill up their SUV’s fuel tank. Some people, usually those who do not own an SUV, refer to these types of automobiles as “gas guzzlers”. The cost of filling up the tank on an SUV is one disadvantage to owning a vehicle of this type.

Another concern, and hence disadvantage, that some have voiced in relation to SUV and Jeep operation is environmentally linked. Due to the fact that SUVs take a large amount of fuel when compared to other types of vehicles, the emissions that these vehicles produce causes concern with many different environmental groups. Therefore, environmentally speaking, SUV use has its disadvantages with regard to this topic.

There are also certain safety issues that some feel go along with operating an SUV. One in particular has to deal with rollover incidents. As many types of SUVs are , the concern with regard to very tall the potential of rollovers is always present. Although SUVs may have positive safety features due to their massive size they also have negative aspects regarding safety due to their rollover potential.

To sum it up, SUVs provide different benefits and drawbacks. It is important to look at both together to see whether the pros outweigh the cons, or vice versa. Regardless of the negative aspects of SUV operation, it is fair to say that SUV purchases and use still continue to grow and these vehicles have wonderful sales potential. By reviewing the previously mentioned advantages and disadvantages one may be better able to decide if purchasing and operating an SUV is right for them.

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