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Hawaii to Introduce Parking Fee at Select State Parks

Hawaii to Charge For Parking At Parks and Monuments

Date:  10/15/09

Due to severe funding shortfalls, the Hawaii Department of State Parks plans on charging for parking at specific parks, monuments,  and waysides.  This program will be modeled after the one already in place at Diamond Head State Monument where they have a manned booth set up and charge $5.00 per vehicle.

On the Island of Kauai, the new fee structure will be implemented at the following locations:

Ha'ena State Park - Located on Kauais north shore at the "end of the road".  This park is known for its
                                   ancient sea caves or "wet caves", shore fishing, amazing views of the Na Pali Coast
                                   and swimming at Ke'e Beach (when the conditions allow).  The trailhead for the
                                   11-mile Kalalau Trail begins here as well.

Koke'e State Park  -  Located along the rim of the Waimea Canyon, this park offers picnicking, tent
                                     camping, and lodging and is an excellent jumping off point for hiking through
                                     native rain forest.

Waimea  Canyon State Park  - Located 11.1 miles north of Kelaha on Koke'e Road (Highway 550).  This
                                                      park adjoins Koke'e State Park mentioned just above.

The following fee structure will be applied:

General Public:
Resident:  No fee
Visitor:  $5.00 per vehicle

The Hawaii Department of State Parks is hitting a small delay in implementing the program while they decide the best way to carry out charging the general public.  The idea is to charge visitors and commercial vehicles only and not local residents.  The easiest way to do this is by installing a booth at the entrance and manning it with a collection agent.  However, this carries high costs with it and so they are considering an electonic system as well.

Without the vehicle tax, the Division of State Parks says they may have to close certain parks in order to reduce costs.

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