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North shore beaches - Secret and Kahili Quarry beaches

Secret Beach
If you are into nude sunbathing or simply enjoy nude beaches then Secret Beach is for you. This beach is also known as Kauapea Beach and its secluded location lends it perfectly to the nude tourists and locals who enjoy visiting. However, nude beaches and nudity in general are illegal in Hawaii and if you get caught you will probably receive a ticket. However, there are plenty of folks who like to take their chances and go nude on Secret Beach.

A 15-minute hike is required to even reach Secret Beach. If you are heading to this beach to enjoy some swimming time then you better do so during the summer months. During this time of year snorkeling is also outstanding. However when the winter months arrive swimming is not a good idea. Regardless of the time of year you are in Kauai it is worth a trip to Secret Beach simply to take in its beauty. There is a bird sanctuary on the island to the right and water flows from the side of the cliff in various locations. Not to mention there is a nice little waterfall to enjoy or clean up in. There are secret lava pools to the left of the trail that can be reached by walking the shoreline. This is a treat as well and certainly worth a look!

Getting to Secret Beach is a little tedious simply because it is out of the way. You should take a right on the eastern Kalihiwai road and then an immediate right on the first dirt road. Follow the trail until it reaches the beach; just keep in mind where it comes out on the beach so you won’t have a hard time finding your way back.

Kahili Quarry Beach
If you are looking for a good swimming and snorkeling beach then you will find one in Kahili Quarry Beach. That is when the ocean is calm. The best swimming is on the left side of the beach and the best snorkeling is on the right. This beach is sometimes called Rock Quarry Beach because of where the Kilauea Stream enters the ocean. Keep in mind that if the water is murky here due to the stream entering the ocean you don’t want to enter the water. There have been shark sightings here especially when the river has a heavy stream not to mention rip currents. So, unless the water is calm and clear you should avoid it. Surfers and boogie boarders enjoy catching a wave at Kahili Quarry Beach.

Arriving at Kahili Quarry Beach is pretty easy if you take the dirt path off of N. Wailapa Road. Follow the path and you will arrive at the beach!

The Beaches
Keep in mind that both of these beaches are worth taking the time to explore and experience while you are in Kauai. Just keep in mind the basic rules, be caution, and enjoy your vacation and the north shore beaches of Kauai.

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