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The Kalalua Trail in Kauai

The kayak tour of the Na Pali Coast is great but some people don’t like the water and sometimes the surf just isn’t cooperating. For these folks the Kalalua Trail is a wonderful option. The trail runs along the Na Pali coast for 11 miles and is challenging yet worth every moment and drop of sweat. The trail is narrow and requires passing several different streams, but it is an experience you will never forget. Not to mention you will probably need to camp out along the way. That is unless you are a super hiker and can accomplish the whole trail in one day. If you are camping make sure you have the permits you need to do so before you plan your hike. This will ensure things go more smoothly for you and that you have fewer problems along the way.

Where the Trail Leads
As you begin your first leg of the trail you will approach Hanakapi’ai Beach. This is about two miles into your trip. The second mile is challenging because it is downhill and very steep which makes it challenging yet rewarding. You will fall in love with the beauty of Hanakapi’ai Beach, just don’t decide to go swimming because it is dangerous to do so. At this point you may decide to keep going along the trail or take a two-mile trip to the interior to see the Hanakapi’ai Falls. You can swim here and it is glorious and worthwhile. However, the hike is hard and beginner hikers might want to continue on.

Once you reach this point you will need a permit to continue and you will probably be checked for yours so don’t think blowing off this requirement is not a big deal. From this point there are nine miles left of trails. When you reach Hanakoa you can do one of three things. You may choose to camp, keep on walking to Kalalua or take another side trip to the Hanakoa Falls. These are even better than the first falls and only half a mile of extra walking makes them even more worthwhile.

The last part of the Kalalua Trail is the most difficult part. The trail can get curvy and narrow making it challenging to hike. However, the sights you will see will make it completely worthwhile. If you keep walking you will see the Kalalau Valley, which is absolutely stunning. From here you can take another side trip that is two miles and it ends at a natural pool.

When you finally arrive at Kalalau beach you will be amazed at its beauty. There are also facilities here and you can get fresh water from the waterfall, just make sure you treat it first. You will love your Kalalau hike and will be proud of yourself for accomplishing it not to mention amazed at all your experiences.

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