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Kauai East Shore Beaches - Kalapaki Beach and Niumalu Beach Park

If you are looking for East Shore beaches in Kauai where you can enjoy the water and its many activities or else take a kayak out for a tour of a stream then Kalapaki Beach and Niumalu Beach Park are both for you!

Kalapaki Beach
As long as the surf is low you will find plenty of tourists and locals alike enjoying the water. Generally you will see surfers, boogie boarders, swimmers, bodysurfers, windsurfers, and the like. The water is not as clear as it is at many other beaches. This is because it is at Nawiliwili Bay. Both the Nawiliwili and Hule’ia streams empty into the ocean here making the water darker.

The Anchor Cove Shopping Center is within walking distance and provides facilities for beach goers. Not to mention the park beside the shopping center is a great place to hang out, picnic, or simply take a break from the sun.

You will probably encounter a lot of people out in the ocean at Kalapaki Beach, especially if it is low tide and the water is pretty calm. Not too many East shore beaches have so many water activities that are enjoyable like this beach does. As a result, all kinds of people head out to this beach every single day.

Arriving at Kalapaki Beach is pretty easy. You simply go to the Anchor Cove Shopping Center and take the road behind it to the beach. Or, you could take the path through the Marriott and reach Kalapaki Beach. Each access point is convenient and easy, it just depends which one is the best for you!

Niumali Beach Park
Any of you who have seen Raiders of the Lost Ark will certainly recognize the Hule’ia Stream. Many individuals like to take trips up this stream to see what nature has to offer and Niumali Beach Park is the best place to launch your kayak for the trip. You won’t want to do much here other than set out in your kayak so don’t plan any other water activities. You won’t really enjoy them and they should be planned for better and more suitable beaches. You can, however, camp here if you want to as long as you have a county permit.

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