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Kauai is exotic, but movies are still popular

Living in Kauai is great, the beaches are beautiful and there are so many activities to do inside and out that you might find it difficult to imagine living here and still choosing to head to the movies. However, while Kauai offers all kinds of activities, movies are still popular like in the rest of the world. We love to take a trip to the big screen for dates, evenings out with the family, or simply with friends. There is just something about the movies and no matter where you are the movies will always have the same pull. So, if you are visiting Kauai you might like to catch a movie as well. Here on the island we have several choices.

The four different movie theatres provide convenience and different movie options, as well as showing times to allow you the option to choose whatever movie at whatever time best fits your schedule. The movie viewing options on Kauai include Coconut Marketplace Cinemas, Kilauea Theatre, Kukui Grove Marketplace, and Waimea Theatre.

Depending where you are on the island will affect which movie theatre is closest to you and which one you might want to visit to see the latest blockbuster. If you are on the east side of the island then you will want to visit Coconut Marketplace Cinemas, which has two screens, or Kukui Grove Marketplace, which has fours screens, because both of these are on the east side of the island. With six different movie screens between the two theatres you will surely find a movie playing that you would like to see at a time that fits your schedule.

If you are on the west side of the island then you should head to Waimea theatre that is located in Waimea. It has one screen, so you will either need to see the movie showing or else visit one of the other theatres when you are visiting another part of the island.

Kilauea Theatre is on the north side of the island and has one movie screen as well. This movie theatre is located near the lighthouse, so if you head to the lighthouse in the afternoon you could always stop by the Kilauea Theatre in the evening and catch a movie.

Whatever you do when you are vacationing in Kauai make sure you have fun and simply enjoy the relaxed lifestyle of the islands. If this includes a movie at one of the four movie theatres or many just have fun and take advantage of everything the island has to offer.

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