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North shore beaches - Kepuhi, Wainiha, Puu Poa, and Kalihiwai beaches

The beautiful beaches of Kauai’s north shore also include Kepuhi Beach, Wainiha Beach Park, Pu’u Poa Beach, and Kalihiwai Beach.

Kepuhi Beach
This is a great place for snorkeling although it is not as good as the snorkeling you will find at Tunnels Beach. The great thing about this beach is that it rarely has many people visiting it so if you like snorkeling but not crowds the you will enjoy Kepuhi Beach.

The reef that surrounds this beach is longer than the sandy beach and the resulting current is a bit stronger than in other similar beach/reef locations. As a result swimmers should take caution. Take Alamoo Road on the eastern end if you want to access Kepuhi Beach for a day of private snorkeling, well almost private anyway!

Wainiha Beach Park
Located at the mouth of the Wainiha River this beach is murky and dangerous. Swimming here is never recommended however fishing can be fun. You might also enjoy walking the strip of sand at this beach.

Pu’u Poa Beach
When the ocean is calm you will also find that snorkeling can be quite enjoyable at Pu’u Poa Beach. This beach is located in Princeville right beside the Princeville Hotel. You will see a path to the left of the hotel, simply take this path and you will arrive at the beach! That is after you go down almost 200 steps! From here you can walk all the way to the Hanalei River.

Off the edge of the reef at Pu’u Poa Beach expert surfers find some of the best waves on the entire island during winter. If you are a beginner or intermediate surfer do not try the waves out here.

Kalihiwai Beach
Take Kalihiwai Road and you will reach the Kalihiwai Stream. When you reach the end of the road you will encounter a beautiful bay with a large sandy beach. This is a great beach for boogie boarding and for new surfers to learn the art. During the summer months this is a great beach for swimming and sunbathing.

There are many other North Shore beaches, these are just a few you might like to know about that aren’t as popular as some of the others. Regardless, these are great beaches with the exception of Wainiha Beach Park to enjoy the water, snorkeling, and catching some waves. When you are in Kauai try them out and you will certainly enjoy all they have to offer!

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