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Traveling to Kauai With Children

Traveling to Kauai is a great vacation for couples and even for families. Some think of Kauai as a romantic destination, which it is, but there are also a lot of child oriented activities as well. Also, just because you travel with children doesn’t mean that you can’t have some romantic evenings out alone. There are many babysitting services on the island that you can take advantage of.

Babysitting on Kauai
The majority of hotels and rental agencies will have a list of babysitters who can care for your child or children for an evening or even a whole day. Also, hotels like the Hyatt and Marriott provide childcare services that are outstanding and your child will probably beg you to ditch them for an evening!

When traveling to Kauai you may be in need of a crib, car seat, stroller, and other similar items but would certainly prefer to travel without them. If this sounds like you then don’t despair because you can rent all of these items on the island. Kekei Cottage (821-1234) and Ready Rentals (823-8008) both provide rental services of these types of items.

Most children love the beach and swimming, however sometimes the water can be too rough for little ones. But, Kauai has the perfect answer. Lydgate State Park offers a swimming hole that is enclosed by boulders from the rest of the ocean. For those kids who need more entertainment there are also two outstanding playgrounds. There are always plenty of kids milling around so finding playmates is easy. This is a great place to take the kids to enjoy the beach and have a lot of fun!

Two other great places to take the kids are Baby Beach and Salt Pond Beach Park located in Hanapepe. Local parents frequently take their kids to Po’ipu Beach Park. Where you take your kids is up to you, just make sure you go when the surf is low for enhanced fun and reduced risks.

There are a lot of tours on Kauai from helicopter rides to hikes and cruises. If you are interested in taking any of these check with the tour operators before hand about availability for children, prices, and accommodations. Making plans ahead of time, and reservations, will result in a smoother vacation and more time to enjoy the islands once you arrive.

Have Fun
Traveling with your children to such a beautiful place can certainly be enjoyable. Not only will you be sharing new experiences together but you will also have a lot of fun. Just go with the flow and let the vacation take you where it does. Being too focused on a schedule or what must be accomplished will ruin your vacation and pressure your kids which never has good results. Just relax and have fun on Kauai!

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