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Kauai -The best coffee on the island

I have been living in Kauai for a while and being the coffee aficionado that I am it is obvious that my main goal would be to search out the best coffee shops on the island in order to find the very best one to meet my daily coffee craving. Of course, testing out all of the locations serving coffee in Kauai is not exactly a task because when you love coffee as much as I do even bad coffee is good coffee, so it is a pretty fun task. And in Hawaii where Kona coffee is grown there really is no such thing as bad coffee, so no matter where you go you should be ok.

There are plenty of places for you to get your caffeine fix here in Kauai , but there are some places that are just better than others and if you are on vacation you will want to visit these places to really enjoy your coffee and make your Kauai vacation experience that much better. Of course, each individual has their own favorite place for different reasons, so if you don't like my suggestion then do a little experimenting on your own.

One of my favorite places and a great place you will enjoy visiting is the Kalaheo Coffee Company. This restaurant is simply amazing and has every imaginable coffee from all over the world so no matter if you prefer Colombian, African, Sumatran or straight from Hawaii coffee it is available at the Kalaheo Coffee Company. Not to mention, if you are hungry there are some really great meals from breakfast to dinner, and the desserts are especially tasty as well. So, no matter what you want to eat with your coffee, or nothing at all, the Kalaheo Coffee Company is the best place to visit in Kauai when you want a great cup of Joe.

If you try the Kalaheo Coffee Company you will surely be impressed as well, but if you are traveling the island for a week or more you might want some variety and enjoy trying new places. If this is the case, you can pretty much stop by any coffee café that looks good to you and give it a try. Then, you can compare and come up with the best coffee café in Kauai and then recommend this to your friends. However, I'm pretty sure you will find the Kalaheo Coffee Company is right up your alley because it has a great atmosphere, incredible food, unbelievable coffee selection and prices that are rather affordable considering the rest of the prices on the island of Kauai.

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