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The island life on Kauai will make you want to stay

You have probably thought that living in Hawaii is different than living on the mainland, and well, you would be right about that. The reasons are many and include the natural beauty of the islands and the ocean, the weather, and the atmosphere that is simply fun and even if you live here like me you always feel as if you are on vacation. Consider the following reasons why you can live in Hawaii, be a professional businessman, and still feel as if you are on vacation year round.

When you start preparing for a vacation you dream about the destination and all there is to do. If you are heading to the beach, you dream of the white sand, blue waters and sun that will tan your body and leave you feeling rested. If you are headed to the mountains, then you can't wait to put on your new hiking boots and trek the mountains. Other destinations might have you dreaming about the nightlife or gardens, shopping or dining… Regardless, with Hawaii you have all of these opportunities at your fingertips on a daily basis so when you live here you never have to go home because you are home!

For example, the other day I got off work as usual around 5 pm and since the sun does not usually set for a couple hours more I decided to head to the beach and catch some waves on my surfboard. There is no other way to relax and get some exercise after a tough day at the office than to surf until the sun goes down. And let me tell you, when the sun sets in Hawaii you feel as if it is setting just for you and the beauty is enough to make you catch your breath. Fortunately, this is something I can appreciate on a daily basis because I live in Hawaii!

I was not born in Hawaii so I am not here by default or anything. Instead, after visiting the islands I choose to live here and make this marvelous place my home. To tell you the truth, I have traveled the whole world over and there is nowhere like Hawaii. You have the beauty and geography of the islands combined with the freedom of the United States and I am being sincere when I say there is no place like Hawaii on the rest of the planet. All you have to do is come visit us and you will see. You will want to change your address permanently to Hawaii instead of one of the other states. Of course, you are thinking it is great and all but you will never want to move. Well, I dare you to come to Hawaii and when you arrive you will see what I mean. The islands' spirit just enters your body and sort of possesses you in a way that is magnificent. Just give it a try, but beware, you might end up staying like me!

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