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North shore beaches - Lumaha’i and Kahalahala beaches

Lumaha’i Beach
Perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Kauai is Lumaha’i beach. In fact, you have probably seen it multiple times on postcards from Kauai, in posters, on the Internet, or in books, yet you just didn’t know the name! Lumaha’i beach is also famous for its appearance in the movie South Pacific. The beach here is huge, there is plenty of sand, and quite frankly there are few beaches as beautiful and as large as Lumaha’i Beach.

What to Do Here
If you are simply interested in beachcombing, sunbathing, or even enjoying an evening walk on the beach then this is the place for you. There is plenty of space and the landscape is outstanding. A nice picnic on the beach or a lounge chair with a good book is just what Lumaha’i beach was made for.

What Not to Do Here
Although this is an amazingly beautiful beach it is not one you should choose to swim at. In fact, it is one of the most dangerous beaches on Kauai. The beach is completely open to the ocean and there is no protection from reefs and the like to tame the waves and make swimming safe. As a result, even small waves that look relatively harmless can be incredibly powerful, knock you over, and carry you out to sea.

Keep in mind that even if the ocean looks as flat as glass there are still undercurrents and rifts not to mention waves you may not be seeing it is not a safe place to swim. Near the rocks to the left of the beach some expert surfers and boogie borders do hit the waves, but unless you are an expert you should definitely avoid the water at Lumaha’i Beach. A reader recently remarked great difficulty in swimming in this beach. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SWIM IN LUMAHA'I. It is extremely dangerous.

Kahalahala Beach
This beach is really part of Lumaha’i Beach, but it is separate at the same time. Also, the conditions at this beach are considerably different although they are connected. Kahalahala Beach is set apart by lava rock to the right of Lumaha’i. Simply walk in this direction through the jungle about three or four minutes and then head down to the beach that is about 100 feet down.

Here on summer days that are calm you will find what appears to be a swimming pool in the ocean. It is calm and glassy and an amazing place to swim. It truly is amazing that such a beautiful safe place to swim is so close to the beach with the most dangerous waters in Kauai! There is also a big rock that is fun to jump off of and shade trees for cooling off. Keep in mind however, that in the winter months when the surf is strong Kahalahala Beach should also be avoided because it becomes almost as dangerous as Lumaha’i.

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