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The people of Kauai

Believe it or not but the people of Kauai are considered the friendliest of all the Hawaiian islands. And this is not just a claim made by locals to try and increase tourism, it is actually the truth! A survey conducted by Conde Nast Readers’ Choice Awards resulted in Kauai’s being voted the friendliest. Additionally, this survey is conducted on a yearly basis and the Kauai people are always voted number one or close to it. The reason why? A beautiful island and wonderful pace of life results in genuinely happy people.

The Locals
No matter if you are walking down the street, driving, eating in a restaurant, or shopping in a market you will find the locals are almost always smiling and happy. You won’t likely be a victim of road rage as people aren’t in such a hurry to get anywhere and you may be surprised to see a complete stranger waving at you. Many a mainlander has seen a stranger waving and turned to look to see who he was waving at only to realize it was at himself! The Kauai people are welcoming, they like tourists, and they will always make you feel appreciated.

Slower Pace of Life
You will notice the people on Kauai have a little more time to be happy and polite as well simply because life is not so rushed on the island. In fact, most people just take life at a slow pace and do things as necessary. This might be hard for you to adjust to at first, but if you let yourself you will feel the island spirit and realize that your vacation can be a little more laid back. The result is you will enjoy your time more, feel more relaxed, and might just have that Kauai smile slip onto your face.

Once you visit the islands it won’t be so difficult to believe that it is one of the happiest places on earth and certainly one of the friendliest. In fact, it might just rub off on you!

The Ethnic Mix
Kauai has an amazingly mixed population. In fact, of the more than 58,000 people that call the island home 21,042 are Asian, 17,255 are white, 5,334 are Pacific Islander or Hawaiian, 505 are other, 212 are Alaskan native or American Indian, 177 are black, and almost 14,000 did not respond or are either mixed. Despite this great mix of ethnicities Kauai still manages to be a very happy place. The only conclusion one can make is that people on Kauai are just truly happy with themselves and their lives so they treat others with respect and friendship.

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