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Where to Shop on Kauai’s North Shore

While you are on Kauai on vacation you will want to do more than simply explore the island and take in all the activities. You will also want to buy some souvenirs or items to help you remember your vacation to Kauai the rest of the year when you are not on the tropical island. Fortunately, Kauai has lots of outstanding shopping and the following places to shop will help you narrow down where you want to shop and possibly even what you want to buy!

The Places to Shop
Great clothes and nice gifts may be purchased at Kong Lung in Kilauea. If you like organic or gourmet foods then consider walking next door to the Kilauea Farmer’s Market. If you are in Princeville then check out the Princeville Shopping Center. There are lots of stores here to meet your shopping needs. One particularly nice store is Kauai Kite and Hobby because you can find all the things you need to keep your children occupied and happy while on Kauai. There is also a photo shop called Hanalei Photo where you can develop any photos you can’t wait until you arrive home to see not to mention have other photo services taken care of.

Moving on to Hanalei you will also find some great places to shop. One particular store is the Hanalei Dolphin Center. It is right by the Hanalei River. For surf clothes and paraphernalia check out Kai Kane. Sand People, Hanalei Surf Company, and Tropical Tantrum at the Hanalei Center have nice clothes to choose from. You will also enjoy Ola’s and Overboard for great gifts and Hawaiian clothes.

You can see how surfboards are shaped through the window at HSC Backdoor and there are some good kid shops too. These stores are across the street from the Hanalei Center and include Kokonuts for Kids and Rainbow Ducks.

Hula Moon is a great place to buy souvenirs for those at home who didn’t make the trip and any gear you need while on the island may be found at Pedal ‘n Paddle.

Market shopping is outstanding at the Waipa Market and on Thursdays in Kilauea you can find the same things at 4:30 in the afternoon.

As you can see there are plenty of things for you to buy on Kauai. In fact, everything you need and a whole lot more of what you want can be found quite easily. Just keep in mind the prices on Kauai can be quite expensive but don’t let that keep you from buying all the souvenirs you want!

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