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Travel Guide to Kauai

Kauai is a beautiful place that many people simply dream of traveling to, but their dream can become a reality. There are many vacation packages that are very affordable and give just about anyone that really wants to go the opportunity to enjoy this one of a kind heaven on earth. While Kauai may not be huge in land mass there are so many beautiful things to see that you may have to make more than one trip to see it all!

One of the most beautiful features of Kauai are the sparkling blue waters that surround the island, which you can see when you take a plane or helicopter to the area. Kauai is just 20 minutes away from Honolulu, if you travel by air, which makes it very convenient to travel to and from Kauai even if you are just visiting Honolulu. Kauai is beautiful and there are always new things to discover, even if it is the oldest Hawaiian island.

Kauai is thought to have been formed more than six million years ago and each and every one of the 550 square miles is a sight to be seen. The island is the northernmost of all of the Hawaiian Islands and is definitely worth the traveling time it takes to get there. Kauai is known to be very peaceful and inviting because just three percent of the land has been urbanized. Because of this you are truly mingling with nature when you visit this beautiful island. It’s easy to lose yourself in the flourishing tropical setting, as well as looking up into the blue sky from sandy beaches. Many visitors claim that they can lose hours of time just staring out at the beautiful blue waters.

Many people who visit call Kauai the gardens of heaven, because there is beautiful Hawaiian foliage just about anywhere you look. There doesn’t need to be flowers and manicured plants, Kauai is simply beautiful in its natural state, no tweaking is necessary. If you are looking for the true essence of the aloha spirit, Kauai will give you a guided tour of exactly what the spirit is!

Some of the best Hawaiian beaches can be found in Kauai. If you are on the north shore you may want to check out Anini Beach, Kee Beach, Hanalei Beach, Lumahai Beach, or Honopu Valley. All of these beaches are perfect for swimming, strolling along the beautiful sandy beaches, picking shells, or even picnicking on the beach!

If you happen to be on the south shore you may want to check out Kipu Kai beach, Kukuiolono Park, Prince Kuhio Park, or even Shipwreck Beach. Again, these beaches will afford you the opportunity to swim, take long walks on the beach, or just enjoy the beautiful waters that can be found in Kauai.

On the west side of the island you may want to check out Polihale State Park, Kekaha Beach Park, or even Salt Pond Beach Park. All are beautiful, and it may be hard to pick just one so allow yourself some time to check out more than one. Every beach or site in Kauai offers something a little bit different, so don’t assume that everything on the west side will be the same.

If you are in Lihue it’s a good idea to check out Kalapaki Beach, Hanamaulu Beach Park, or even Nimumalu Harbor. If you are on the Coconut Coast you should definitely check out the Waialua River State Park. Of course, Kauai isn’t all about beaches, but it is what draws an awful lot of people to the area. There are no beaches like the beaches that you will find in Kauai.

While Kauai is small, there are some other great things to see when you are in the area. On the north shore you’ll likely find the Kilauea Lighthouse worth a visit, as well as Makana Peak, and the Na Pali Coast. If you are on the south shore, you will definitely want to take a peak at the National Tropical Botanical Garden in addition to Spouting Horn. On the west side you should definitely check out Captain Cook’s Monument, Kalalau Lookout, and the Russian Fort Elizabeth. If you are in Lihue visitors may want to check out Grove Farm Homestead Museum, and Fern Grotto of Wailu Falls in addition to the Lydgate State Park. Lastly, if you are on the Coconut Coast you may want to visit Bell Stone, Opaekaa Falls, and Keahua Forestry Arboretum.

As you can see, Kauai may be small, but it does not leave anything to be desired. There is a lot to see, a lot to do, and simply an experience that cannot be matched by anything else. You can have a million other experiences, but none of them will be like your experiences in Kauai.

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