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The weather in Kauai

Many individuals believe that Kauai has bad weather and that it rains all the time. However, this is not exactly the case. Of course, the rainiest place on earth is on Kauai, but it is located in the central part of the island and not on the coast. Not to mention, most of the rain that falls does so during the nighttime hours. So, what does this mean for your vacation? It means that when you travel to Kauai you will more than likely see a few passing showers but there won’t be any rain events that actually ruin your vacation.

In fact, when the sun is shining on Kauai and that is a lot of the time you will never experience better weather. With sunshine Kauai also experiences clear skies and soft yet constant breezes. Remember, also, that weather on Kauai is not the same as it is in other areas of the United States. This is to say that just because all of a sudden the clouds turn dark and it looks like it is going to rain the day is not ruined. In fact, daytime showers are common yet the ones that occur are short-lived. You might choose to take cover and have lunch, do some shopping, or some other activity but you will be surprised that the rainstorm is gone just as quickly as it arrived. Seriously, Kauai rainstorms last a few short minutes during the day, at least the majority of the time.

Also, you shouldn’t worry too much about the weather because it is easy to find out what the day will hold. You can always call the National Weather Service and find out the day’s forecast. Usually it will say to expect mostly sun and a passing shower or two. This means that during the day when you see dark clouds arising you might want to go indoors until the shower passes or simply wait it out doing other activities. If you don’t take the precaution of calling the weather service it is really no big deal. The reason why is the sky is always a predictor of when a rain shower is on its way. When the clouds are dark then you can expect rain on Kauai and like in other parts of the world the darker the clouds the more rain to come!

Kauai is a glorious location to spend a vacation and should not be avoided because of once in awhile daytime showers. You will love your Kauai vacation so go ahead and start planning it today!

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