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Kauai’s Nightlife

Let’s face it, when you go to Kauai you won’t be going for its nightlife but rather its natural beauty and all it has to offer. In general there is enough nightlife here to keep you entertained and happy and almost all of the hotels have different things going on. We will simply review the different things going on in different parts of the island and you can choose which ones you want to take part of!

The Islander offers a bar poolside that is really cool and is the perfect compliment to enjoying the beach. The Royal Coconut Grove Lounge is located at Kauai Coconut Beach Resort and is poolside as well. It’s enjoyable to have a drink and listen to the music. The Shack is where many locals hang out because it is not too expensive and it can get pretty crazy sometimes. The same goes for Kuhio Lounge located at the Aloha Beach Resort.

Lizard Lounge is open until 2 am and there is music and dancing. It is at the Waipouli Town Center. If you simply want to watch a movie then check out the Coconut Marketplace Cinema.

If you are on Rice Street you might enjoy Rob’s Good Times Grill because there is entertainment almost every night. Generally locals hang out here, but you might find that an enjoyable respite from other tourists. The Marriott offers Duke’s Barefoot Bar where drinks are available and music is offered on occasion.

If you want to catch a movie then the Kukui Grove Cinema is perfect for you.

Stevenson’s Library is a nice place to have a drink and it certainly is elegant. The decor has bookcases filled with classic books and there is also a very large aquarium. Pool tables decorate the area along with chess tables. The terrace is a nice place to enjoy as well. Monkeypod and koa make up the beautiful bar that sits right in the center and beckons individuals to have a drink or more.

The Seaview Terrace is another place to sit back and have a drink. It has a resort view and music every night. It is laid back yet enjoyable. The Sheraton offers another bar on Po’ipu that is called the Point. It has a beautiful view, great cocktails, and some nights there is even live music.

The lounge at Keoki’s Paradise in Po’ipu Shopping Village has entertainment most nights. An interesting part of this bar is that there are demonstrations of the hula frequently that can make it an exciting and enjoyable place to be.

The West Shore
If you are on Kauai’s West shore you won’t find very much to do at all at night. However, that’s ok because there is so much to do on other parts of the island not to mention all the day activities on the West shore that you are probably better off saving your energy and getting up early to enjoy the beach and other activities.

The North Shore
Those sushi eaters that also like blues music might consider the North shore’s Sushi Blues. This is a great place for smokers, but if you don’t smoke you might not like it. The Hanalei Gourmet is yet another place to hang out on the North shore. However, it is more for picking up a date than anything else. If you are just looking for a drink then you might want to go somewhere else.

The Landing Pad can be fun sometimes and it is located at the Princeville Airport. The weekends are a great time to listen to local bands play. If you are there during the week you might enjoy some karaoke or other entertainment. The Living Room is located at the Princeville Hotel and while laid back it has amazing views of the Hanalei Bay and sushi is served at 5 pm. There is generally some form of musical entertainment as well. The Hanalei Bay Resort offers the Happy Talk Lounge. This is known as a wonderful place to enjoy an evening and a drink.

What to Do
While you are on Kauai you may find other things to do or take advantage of the recommendations on this list. Regardless, when you are on the island you will find plenty of things to keep you busy and you will enjoy all of your evenings no matter where you spend them. Remember, too, that you might enjoy a romantic night having dinner with your significant other and going in early more than you will finding a bar and having several drinks. Whatever you do, just make sure you have fun on Kauai.

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