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Camping in Kauai

A great way to really enjoy Kauai in all its splendor is to camp out! Not only will you get to hear and see parts of Kauai that others don’t you will also save lots of money. Kauai offers 13 different campsites with seven of them being county campsites and six of them being state camping sites. You will need a permit before you can simply camp out and permits are different depending on whether you are camping at a state campground or a county one.

If you want to camp at a state campground then you should contact the Division of State Parks at 3060 Eiwa St. #306, Lihu’e, HI 96706 or you can simply call (808) 274-3444. Don’t wait until you arrive in Hawaii to apply for your camping permits. The reason why is the sites fill up really fast and if you don’t have your permit before you arrive you might end up spending money on a hotel that you had not planned on! The high season for camping is May through December so always call ahead of time and get your permit for camping underway with plenty of time to spare for your vacation. The recommended amount of time to apply for your camping permits is six months in advance, and if you want to camp at Na Pali you should apply even sooner. By applying early and receiving your permits you won’t be disappointed by arriving to no camp spots!

In regard to the state permits you will be required to send copies of licenses or passports of all adults who will be camping and you also will need to provide the names of any children who will be along. The dates you will be camping are also required. Your camping permits will cost you $5 per night per family at all of the campsites with the exception of Na Pali. Na Pali camping costs $10 per person per night. Keep in mind your permits will be checked and they may be checked more than once so it is a very good idea to have one and be ready to show it.

The county permits are $3 per person per night. You can receive your campsite application by writing to Division of Parks and Recreation at 4444 Rice St, #150, Lihu’e, HI 96766 or you can call (808) 241-6660.

Obviously, camping is a great idea when you are on Hawaii and a very popular one at that. You certainly won’t find a hotel right on the beach that has such competitive rates and you will probably enjoy your Hawaii camping vacation in more ways than you had imagined.

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