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Kauai East Shore Beaches - Nukoli段 Beach Park, Hanama置lu Beach Park and Ninini Beach

Three other East Shore beaches on Kauai include Nukoli’i Beach Park, Hanama’ulu Beach Park and Ninini Beach. These are certainly not the most popular beaches on the island and none of them are great for swimming on most occasions. However, they each have their benefits and can prove to be a good experience for travelers.

Nukoli’i Beach Park
In front of the Wailua Golf Course and all the way from the Radisson to Lydgate State Park is a strip of sand called Nukoli’i Beach Park. This is a big and long beach, about two miles long, that is simply beautiful and never crowded. You might feel as if you are stranded on a tropical island when you are at Nukoli’i Beach because there really isn’t anyone there. Swimming at Nukoli’i Beach is not a good idea for beginners because the surf and currents are so strong. However, at low tide with calm seas a good swimmer could enjoy the water here.

Arriving at this beach is pretty easy as you simply take the access road that is between the golf course and the Radisson hotel.

Hanama’ulu Beach Park
If you want to see some sharks then Hanama’ulu Beach Park is the place for you to be! Of course, you don’t want to swim here because the water is pretty murky and scary, not to mention the frequent presence of sharks. It’s not the greatest beach for swimming and snorkeling, although decent snorkeling can be found near the Ahukini Pier once and awhile. Just be careful if you decide to check out this beach.

Ninini Beach
When the waters are calm you might be able to enjoy snorkeling at Ninini Beach. That is if you snorkel in front of the rocks. The water can make even this tricky so be careful. As long as you are paying attention to the currents and the ocean you should be ok. Of course, if you are not a strong swimmer or snorkeler then this is not a good place to practice.

The Ninini Lighthouse is the most worthwhile reason to visit this beach. If there is someone on duty see if you can go to the top. You will have an outstanding view and will also be able to take some great pictures.

A path by the 13 th green will take you to a steeper path that will lead you to the beach.

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