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Kauai Fishing - To Fish or Not to Fish

Fishing in Kauai can be great and it can be pretty bad at the same time. It just depends which side of the island you are on and how the ocean is. If you are a great deep sea fisherman and just love to fish you will still need to keep in mind that fishing in Kauai is a little different than fishing back home. There are of course a variety of fishing companies on the island and they provide the boat, the gear, and they keep the fish.

That’s right, if you catch the biggest tuna or marlin that has ever been caught don’t make any plans to enjoy dinner with that fish because all fish belong to the boat. Keep in mind that if you don’t like this policy it is better to have an agreement before you make any arrangements or reservations to deep-sea fish. Sometimes you and the captain can come up with an arrangement, sometimes not, but if you are going to try it is always a better idea before you catch a huge fish than afterwards. Once and awhile the captain will be happy to share much smaller fish in the instance fishing was outstanding that day. However, you don’t want to count on that either!

Sea Sickness
Another thing to keep in mind is that it is easy to become seasick when deep-sea fishing in Kauai. In fact, it’s just not the same as deep-sea fishing anywhere else. Many individuals who are typically fine find themselves sick the entire expedition. Bonine or Dramamine are two pills you can take that will help you fight off seasickness. However, they must be taken an hour or so before you leave and they can make you really sleepy.

Deep-sea fishing in Kauai can cost anywhere from $95 to $160 per half day. If you are looking for luxury at the same time then you can add some dollars onto that.

Freshwater Fishing
If you don’t like the ocean, the possibility of seasickness, and want to stay closer to the island then freshwater fishing might be the best option for you. You can enjoy some nice bass fishing in these lakes that are all over Kauai. Smallmouth bass and peacock bass are also plentiful in these lakes.

Keep in mind that if there has just been a downpour and the water is muddy and murky you shouldn’t waste your time fishing because the fish probably won’t bite. Wait for another time when the weather is better and the fish hungrier!

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