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Golfing in Kauai - Plenty of Courses to Try!

Golfing in Kauai is simply out of this world. No matter what skill level you are you will be able to enjoy golfing in Kauai. There are nine different courses to choose from so if you are going to be on vacation for a week or two you might just have enough time to fit them all in! The weather in Kauai is perfectly suited for a good game of golf and when you hit the greens you will know what we are talking about.

The Prices
Playing golf is not a cheap activity and it doesn’t get any cheaper when you are on Kauai. Of course, there are a wide range of prices among the nine different courses and most people are on vacation and they don’t mind paying a little extra to really get the most out of their days off. The cheapest golf in Kauai may be found at the Kukuiolono golf course. This course was donated to Kauai by a sugar magnate and since then the course has been a treasure of the island. This course is not a professional course, but it is beautiful in its own way and very affordable at $8. You can rent a cart for an additional $7 and really have an affordable day of golf. Even if you don’t have clubs, there is a club rental for $6 so that you can still play and enjoy the course!

The next most affordable golf course in Kauai is the Wailua Municipal Course. This is a par 72 course and fees are $25 - $35. This does not include a golf cart, which costs more. However it’s a decent course that is also affordable.

Rates start jumping up with the next course in line. The Kiahuna Golf Club costs $75 for its par 72 course and it also includes a power golf cart. This course is being renovated because it had really fallen apart, so prices may jump up once it is reinstated to full glory.

The Kauai Lagoons and the Mokihana Course costs $120. Of course if you are staying at the Marriott prices are $75 and after 11 am prices are even cheaper. This course is not the ones you should play if you only have time to play one round of golf, but if you have plenty of time and have played all the others it’s not a bad course to check out.

The Puakea Course and the Princeville Resort Makai Course both cost $125 per 18 holes and both are a par 72. The Puakea Course is the newest and is a lot of fun although it doesn’t have too many beach views. Carts are included in this price not to mention they are mandatory, just like the collared shirts. The Makai Course also has mandatory golf attire and walking is allowed on this course, but paying for a cart is just part of the price. So walk if you like but you won’t be saving any money. This course has three sets of 9, the lakes, the ocean and the woods, and you get to choose any two for the 18 holes you want to play.

The Kiele Course costs $170 for its 72-par course. This is a gorgeous course that offers outstanding views of the ocean. This course is almost always ranked one of the top 100 golf courses and for good reason. It was designed by Jack Nicklaus in 1988 and was the island’s best course. Now it is outranked by newer courses but it is still a great course. It is challenging yet rewarding and plenty of golfers love playing the Kiele course. After 12 the price drops to $105 if you are looking to save some money and enjoy the carts because they are included and mandatory at this course.

Next up is the Prince course and it costs $175 for its par 72 18-hole course. This course is a must play when you are looking to play golf on Kauai. Golf Digest almost always ranks this course as the best course on all of the islands, not just Kauai. If you choose to play it you will be able to see why. The course is challenging, it is beautiful and it is set out on 390 acres. Robert Trent Jones Jr. designed this course and he did a magnificent job. Even the clubhouse is out of this world. The prices are cheaper if you are staying in Princeville or are at the Princeville Hotel.

Finally, the most expensive golf course on Kauai is the Po’ipu Bay Resort. This course was also designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., although it wasn’t his best work on the island. It still is a great golf course despite being very wide open. However, this is a great course for the golf beginners as well as the golf pros. This makes it fun for everyone and not all Kauai golf courses can claim that. A cool aspect of the golf carts at Po’ipu Bay are the GPS locators on the carts. They aren’t really necessary, but they look good and for the price of a round of golf you should get some perks! Prices are cheaper for guests of the Hyatt. The prices drop to $120 after lunch and all fees include a golf cart. Just make sure you wear a golf shirt and are properly attired when you play this course.

What Courses to Play
If you only have a course or two worth of time when you are on Kauai it might be a tough decision which courses to play. If you keep in mind your skill level, budget, and the kind of golf you like to play then you can make a better decision. For example, the Prince is an amazing course, but if you are a beginner golfer you will be more frustrated with the game and will hardly enjoy it. If you are a great player then the Prince is for you! Just keep these suggestions in mind, read the reviews of each course, check your budget, and then make your decision. Anywhere you play golf on Kauai will be enjoyable so don’t stress too hard trying to make a decision!

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