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Kauai is Fun, But Has its Hazards

Kauai is an outstanding place to visit and most people have unbelievable vacations and are dying to return. However, there are some hazards on the island that can make your trip not so enjoyable and you need to look out for them. If you identify them up front then you should have no problems avoiding them and keeping yourself safe. This means you will enjoy your vacation even more and have less of a chance of an accident ruining your precious time on the island.

The Sun
People come to Kauai to get a great tan, in fact that is the total motivation of some vacation goers. However, the sun on Kauai is different than the sun in other locations. Here the sun is more overhead and can burn easily. The sun is strongest between 11 am and 2 pm, so if you have to be out during this time then you will want to wear a high SPF sunscreen. Even if you are trying to get a good tan don’t go out the first day and lay out on each side for an hour or more. You will be fried and this will ruin your vacation. Lay out for about 15 or 20 minutes on each side the first day with an SPF of 15. Then, the next day add five or 10 minutes onto that. This way you will get a tan gradually and go home with a great tan not a red sunburn that is going to peel!

The Water
There are also water hazards, and no this is not like the water hazards in golf. In fact, the biggest hazard the water presents is the surf. Especially during the winter the surf at some beaches make them too dangerous for swimmers. Keep in mind the strength of the currents, check current ocean conditions, and only swim where it is safe. Too many drownigns occur each year because people don’t pay attention to the unsafe conditions. If you do then you will have a great vacation.

The Ocean
The ocean is full of different animals and while most of them keep to themselves there are times when that is not the case. While you are on Kauai, or in Kauai’s ocean, you may encounter sharks. They are generally not looking to eat you and as long as you swim slowly in the opposite direction they more than likely won’t attack. If you splash and have a panic attack you are as good as gone. Most sharks don’t attack anyway and in over 25 years only 14 attacks have occurred with most of those being surfers. Avoid murky waters, swim in a calm fashion if you see a shark, and you should be ok.

Another hazard is the sea urchin. They have lots of little spiny needles that can be very painful if you step on one. You will have to remove the little needles with tweezers and in some cases you will need a physician’s help. Reef shoes can provide you some protection from sea urchins.

Cone shells might be tempting to pick up, but if it is still alive you will want to resist the temptation. The reason why is that most of these shells have stingers that can reach any part of the shell so no matter where you are holding it you could get stung. That is the last thing you want to do so just don’t pick up live shells and you won’t have to worry about it!

There are some other hazards on Kauai that you should keep in mind as well. These include road hazards, insects, and other ocean hazards like Portuguese Man of War and Coral. The fact of the matter is if you are safe and consider the hazards before you encounter them you will have a much better chance of coming out of the situation unscathed and can continue on your vacation happily.

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