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Horseback Riding on Kauai

Seeing all that Kauai has to offer can be done in many different ways. You can hike, kayak, take a helicopter tour, ATV, and the like. However, a popular way to see the island is by horseback. This is a popular activity on Kauai and a great way to see all there is without tiring your own legs out too much! If you are interested in horseback riding the following companies do a good job.

CJM Country Stables
This stable provides three different rides and they are all outstanding. The first one is called the Breakfast Ride and it includes two hours of horseback riding. It begins at 8:30 am and there is an additional hour reserved for a breakfast. This ride will take you along Kauai’s coast and you will also visit Ha’ula Beach. This tour costs $105 per person.

The next two rides are at 9:30 am and 2 pm. These are both the Hidden Beach Ride. They cost $90 per person. The ride consists of touring the mountains as well as the coast of Kauai. Beverages are included in the price of this tour so at least you won’t be thirsty!

The final ride is the beach/swim ride. It costs $115 per person and there is no prior experience required.

These stables are good in the fact that the tours are beautiful and the location is good. However, you will be riding train style along the whole tour and have no control as to the speed of your horse or anything. It’s kind of like follow the leader. If you have never ridden a horse before you might enjoy this. If you are an expert equestrian you will probably be bored silly.

Esprit de Corps
Another horse riding outfit is Esprit de Corps. This company caters more towards the experienced equestrian than the beginner. Many different rides are offered, even a five hour one that is truly remarkable. With this company you actually move faster than at a walk with your horse. In fact, you can trot or canter as much as you want. This is much more fun for experienced riders although beginners would probably feel over their heads. A dirt road is the main drag and it provides plenty of mountain views that are beautiful. If you aren’t riding correctly the instructors will inform you so and insist that you follow correct riding habits. This is an adventure where the previous horseback rides were more of a follow the horse in front of you kind of deal. Both of these are good and focused at completely different levels.

The prices are $112 for the introductory tour that is two hours. The fiver hour tour that includes swimming and lunch is $216 and for a whole day you will shell out $346. That might seem like a lot of money to you but considering the prices of many of Kauai’s other activities you are actually getting a good deal. In addition, you will see much of Kauai and be overcome with so many beautiful sights.

Princeville Ranch Stables
The Princeville Ranch Stables also offer horseback riding on Kauai and their trips are beautiful and educational as well. One of the tours is a four hour horseback ride to the Kalihiwai Falls. There is also an hour set aside for swimming and a nice snack. This costs $120 per person and the weight limit is 220 pounds and under. You will definitely want to take a swimsuit with you on this tour not to mention your camera because there are a lot of sights you will want to capture. You on horseback just might be one of them!

A more affordable ride is the 90 minute ride that winds through the country. It costs only $65. The three hour ride that meanders the ridge about ‘Anini Beach is $110.

Silver Falls Ranch
Yet another horseback riding company is that of Silver Falls Ranch. This company tours their ranch. The 1 ½ hour ride costs $80 while an additional $20 will buy you another hour as well as a trip to the waterfall. There you can swim and have lunch. This is a 2 ½ hour tour and it is a total of $100.

Which to Choose
Deciding which stable you want to go with really depends on several things. Your horseback riding ability, what part of Kauai you want to tour, and your budget. Once you consider all of these it will be really easy to match your skills and desires with the proper horseback riding outfit. One word to the wise is that when you are horseback riding you will prefer long pants. The rubbing of the saddle against bare legs for an extended period of time, like the five hour tours, and result in raw legs that are very uncomfortable!

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