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North Shore Sights: Kilauea and Kalihiwai

As you continue driving north you will come to Kilauea. This was once a plantation town but now it is more popular for the Kilauea Lighthouse. The lighthouse is a beautiful place to take photos and it really will take your breath away. The lighthouse is alone on a bluff that is Kauai’s most northern point. It was built in 1913 and still stands strong. If you decide to visit the lighthouse you will be impressed with the view and probably stand staring in awe for several minutes. There are self-guided tours available and it is open from 10 am to 4 pm. It costs $3 per person and it truly is glorious. You may even see Moku`ae`ae Island, which is a bird sanctuary.

If you continue north of Kilauea you will come across Banana Joe’s. If you are hot and thirsty, or simply want a treat, then enjoy one of their famous smoothies and some fresh fruit. Most of the fruit is grown by the owners and is fresh and yummy.

Next you will come upon Kalihiwai. You might get confused if you are reading a map because it says there are two Kalihiwai Roads. This is because back in 1957 there was a loop that connected the roads, however a tsunami erased the loop and it has yet to be replaced. So, you can choose which Kalihiwai Road to take. The first one will take you down to a beautiful bay, fittingly called Kalihiwai Bay. If you are in need of a walk this is a good place to do it. This road also passes a dirt access road that will take you to the Secret Beach and the Secret Lava Pools. These are great places to explore and spend a few hours.

Afterwards you can get back in the car and start driving again. You will come upon an area approximately ½ mile past the 24 mile marker where you can park and walk to the waterfalls. These falls have no name but they are great for rinsing off saltwater or just playing in the water. You can continue walking and go across the long bridge to reach Kalihiwai Falls. These falls are two tiered and amazing so make sure you have your camera ready.

Once back on the road you should take the other Kalihiwai Road to ‘Anini Beach. There are some unbelievable homes here not to mention famous residents so be careful who you run into! If you like swimming in safe waters then ‘Anini Beach is the place for you. The large reef allows for calmer waters close to shore and safer swimming.

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