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Ni’ihau SCUBA Dive and ‘Opaeka’a Falls Hike

These two adventures are outstanding although they are not for everybody. Read over the descriptions and see if they sound like adventures for you!

Ni’ihau SCUBA Dive
The Ni’ihau SCUBA dive is specifically for SCUBA divers who want an outstanding dive. Near Lehua Rock, which is close to Ni’ihua (a private island), there are several operators who offer three tank dives. There is no runoff from streams here so the water is crystal clear and visibility is up to 100 feet. Many claim that there is no better snorkeling in all of Hawaii and that is probably right. While here you may also find yourself surrounded by dolphins and you can snorkel and enjoy this experience as well.

Experienced Divers Only
This SCUBA dive is not for those just learning or the inexperienced. It is for those SCUBA divers who are skilled and know all about diving. The trip includes a 70-mile trip via boat to arrive at the dive site. The seas can be rough and currents can affect the boat ride as well. Once you begin diving you will see all kinds of neat things and you will more than likely see a shark or two. If this scares you then don’t go, it is as simple as that.

‘Opaeka’a Falls Hike
This hike is not exactly an established hike, but rather a trail that is etched into the land. It is on state land and although it is not maintained you can probably find your way. Keep in mind that it can be very steep at different points in the trail and you will probably come across some slippery places.

How to Arrive
It will take you about half an hour to make your way through the trail to arrive at the bottom of the falls. Sometimes it takes longer depending on the trail. Also, keep in mind how you arrived at the bottom so that you can return. Arriving requires driving down Hwy 580 to mile marker 2. You will see where the guardrail stops and that there is a small dirt trail there. You can begin hiking into the jungle here and cross the stream that will probably come to your knees. At this point you want to go downstream, pass the trees, up the hill, and arrive at a plateau. Pass over the plateau looking for the path in the strawberry guava trees. It’s not easy to find but when you do you will be glad there are trees lining it to help you descend. This trail can be tricky and steep so be careful you don’t fall because it is a real possibility. When you arrive at the bottom you will be amazed at the plants, trees, and foliage here. You will also be surprised at the waterfalls and how big they look from the bottom.

Simply stand and enjoy the falls pouring into the pool below, take a swim, take photos, or just relax. The hike back up will take a lot of energy and you will need to be rested.

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