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Koloa Landing, Baby Beach, PK’s, Lawa’i Beach, Keiki Cove, Lawa’i Bay

Koloa Landing
The beach at Koloa landing is specifically for SCUBA. In fact, it was a boat launch once upon a time. If you are into SCUBA then you should check out Koloa Landing.

Baby Beach
Lava boulders in the water provide protection to this beach from strong waves and currents. As a result a calm pool of water forms that is great for kids to splash around in. Keep in mind that there are a lot of rocks at this beach once you get into the water a bit so bring some good water shoes with you. Most of the time this beach will be a safe place to play in the water, but always check before hand. Arriving at Baby Beach is fairly easy. Simply take the loop on Hoona Road and you will arrive!

SNUBA and SCUBA use PK’s beach frequently and snorkeling is also good here. The name is a bit odd but it does have some meaning. Across the street is a monument for Prince Kuhio so the beach received a shortened version of just PK. There is not a whole lot of sand here if you are interested in laying out or building sand castles, but it’s more of a SCUBA and snorkeling beach anyway.

Lawa’i Beach
Right beside the Beach House Restaurant is Lawa’i Beach. Lots of people like to snorkel here because it is absolutely incredible. SNUBA divers also enjoy this beach for its underwater treasures. During high tide the little sandy beach practically disappears. Also, the current and surf can become strong and dangerous at times so always be on the lookout for changing water conditions. Generally, if you stay in front of the Beach House Restaurant you will be ok.

Keiki Cove
A wonderful place to take the kids is Keiki Cove. Here the beach and the road practically run into one another. It’s just a small strip of sand with protected waters that make swimming and splashing in the surf fun and safe. Always check the water yourself before allowing your kids to go in.

Lawa’i Bay
This is a gorgeous beach, but access is difficult at best. If you have a kayak you can get here from Kukui’ula Harbor or if you have permission to cross the private land to reach this beach you might be able to arrive as well. This beach is really beautiful and is beside the National Tropical Botanical Garden, which is also private.

Palama Beach
This beach is located off a dirt road and requires permission form Kauai Coffee. This is not a likely scenario, but you can reach the beach by taking Po’ipu road to mile marker four, taking the dirt road, and then taking one of the smaller paths to the beach. A gate is here and it may be locked, just so you know.

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