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Kauai Vacation and Travel on a Budget

The best way to find a great deal for your vacation in Kauai starts with airfare and accommodations. You may think you should plan your vacation around the best travel time such as when no local festivals are planned or when the weather is perfect. However, this is mistake number one if you are traveling on a budget. The best time to travel is when the cost is less expensive not when everyone else wishes to visit this tropical paradise. You may not realize it, but there are times when you can visit Kauai or other Hawaiian Islands at a much-reduced rate than if you travel during peak tourist season. The first thing to learn is when is the best time to travel that is off peak time.

One great time to find an awesome deal is at the beginning of autumn when summer is over and school has begun. During this time of the year both airfare and hotel accommodations are less. The off-season for Kauai is from the middle of September through the middle of December and then again from January until the end of May. The last two weeks of December during the Christmas holidays can be expensive. Not only does traveling during the off-season give you better deals, but also the island is not as crowded and you can take your time to enjoy all that Kauai has to offer. Another great reason to travel during this time is the temperature is a bit cooler, but you will still be able to enjoy the sun and the beach. The water is still warm and the sun still shines so you can partake of all kinds of fun in the sun and water activities. Remember, Kauai including all of Hawaii is a great place to visit any time of the year.

Besides traveling to Kauai during the off-season, you can also find other great ways to enjoy Kauai on a budget. You can really find a better deal if you look into renting a condominium or a home. Hotels can be quite a bit more expensive and do not offer the privacy you can receive with a condominium. If you compare the price of a hotel to a condominium for a week or more you are sure to notice the difference immediately. You can find several condominium, homes, and cottages for rent on Kauai with all kinds of views including the ocean and other amenities such as television, DVD, kitchen, internet connection, and linens. You can rent from one bedroom to large condominiums and home that will give your family the comfort they deserve.

You can find many of these available online or talk with a travel agent to find the perfect condominium, cottage, or home for your entire vacation. Not only during peak tourist season can you find great deals on these types of accommodation, but also they are also cheaper during the off-season.

If you rent a condominium or other type of accommodation with a kitchen, you can save tons of money by cooking some of the meals yourself. Too many times, eating out can quickly gobble up your money, which could have been spent enjoying other adventures that Kauai has to offer. You can literally save hundreds of dollars by cooking your own meals or at least just one per day.

When you are ready to start your search for great deals, you should begin with the internet. You can find all kinds of discounts for such things as airfare, accommodations, spas, water sports, tours, fishing trips and more. Just be sure to pay close attention to the discounts. In some cases, they are only allowed for specific time frames or for a certain amount of guests.

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