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Tubing and Waterskiing Kauai

If you want to have fun on the water in Kauai there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. Two fun water activities are tubing and waterskiing. Read on to find out more about these Kauai adventures and to decide if they are right for you.

This is a good activity for kids or adults who like a very slow pace and to just sort of meander through the water on their tube. You won’t be required to do anything other than just sit in the tube and relax. It would be perfect if you had a great view of all the sights that you are passing by, however the tubes are so low in the water that you really can’t see anything at all other than the tubes in front of you. If you think this is a wild ride full of white water, dips, and the like then you are mistaken. Tubing is more sitting in the tube and meandering down the stream about an hour. There are a couple of tunnels that you will go through that are kind of cool, but after the first one they all seem the same. The price to tube for about an hour costs somewhere along the lines of $85, which is a lot considering what you are doing, or not doing. A picnic lunch is included but it certainly is not so special as to account for the price of this activity. If you have money to burn as well as time then you might find it enjoyable. However, if you are looking for a fast paced activity then tubing is probably not it.

The Wailua River is a great place for waterskiing although it is pretty expensive. A ski boat rents for $125 for a full hour and $65 for a half hour. Although with the fee you receive the boat, the driver, lessons, and the ski equipment. If you don’t need lessons then you can just jump out in the river and start skiing! A cool thing about this is since you have rented the boat and the driver you can bring along individuals who wont’ be skiing. Up to six people are allowed free of charge once you book the boat. Skiing is a lot of fun and great exercise. However, if you have never skied before you might not want to spend so much money trying to learn in only an hour. It can be physically demanding but skiing the Wailua River really is a joy and certainly worth the money if you are a good skier!

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