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Whale Watching on Kauai

Of all the things there are to see and do on Kauai one of the most amazing is to whale watch. Of course, Maui is a better island for whale watching than Kauai, but you will still get an eyeful from Kauai. In fact, the shows you have seen on the Discovery Channel about whales and the like are amazing but they have nothing on seeing whales up close and in person. You will not forget this experience ever and if you have the time you should definitely consider whale watching while you are in Kauai. In fact, it should be on your list of things to do and not skipped over for something else.

When are the Whales in Kauai?
Whale watching is not something you can do year round, but if you are on Kauai during the months of December or January to about March or April then you have a good chance of seeing some whales. During the summer the whales are in Alaska. They build up their fat stores and then around December they head down to Hawaii on vacation. Sounds like they have the same tastes in vacation spots as many humans!

Generally around the spring months the female whales give birth and the males sing a sad song. Interestingly enough the whales do not eat while they are in Kauai or the other Hawaiian Islands. In fact, all that weight they put on during the summer months in Alaska gets burned off. About 1/3 of the whale’s weight may be lost during the months in the Hawaiian Islands.

These Humpback whales are really big, but they are gentle. They frequently swim close to the boats full of tourists to give them a really up close and personal view. It’s as if they are coming over to say hi and introduce themselves. There are laws that govern the companies who send boats out and they are prohibited from seeking the whales out in such a close manner, but if the whale initiates the contact there is not too much you can do and it is an even better experience!

There are many different tour operators who take folks out for whale watching tours. You will have to check with the different tour operators to see which ones are the best and who offers the best prices. Recommendations from past visitors or friends or family members are always a good idea before you take a whale watching tour. But, once you are out there on the water with those amazing creatures you will wonder why you never thought of taking a whale watching tour before!

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