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Kauai East Shore Beaches - Wailua Beach and Lydgate State Park

Two other popular beaches on Kauai’s east shore are Wailua Beach and Lydgate State Park. They are popular for completely different reasons, but they both have their fans. Wailua Beach attracts surfers and boogie boarders for the waves while Lydgate State Park pulls in families and kids for its many amenities and safe swimming.

Wailua Beach
Wave lovers like surfers and boogie boarders are big fans of Wailua Beach. Not only are the waves outstanding, but it is easy to get to as it is located in front of the Coco Palms Resort. The waves are strong and powerful here because there is no protection from the open waters. There are strong rip tides, hard breaking waves, and dangerous waters when it is high tide. As a result, if you aren’t a really good surfer or swimmer you might want to avoid this beach. Even the strong swimmers and surfers avoid the high waves during winter when the waves are too strong even for them.

The Wailua River flows into the beach here as well and this can cause dangerous situations as well. The river and the ocean are always fighting and this results in many fascinating sights yet treacherous situations for swimmers.

Lydgate State Park
Although called Lydgate State Park this beach is really run by the county. It is a perfect beach for families and you will certainly run into a lot of them if you visit this beach. If your children, or even you, want to swim in more or less protected waters without the dangerous tides from the open ocean then Lydgate State Park is for you. Here there are two enclosed ponds that allow for fresh ocean water to enter, along with fish, yet protect the individuals in the pond from the ocean’s force. It is actually very calm and lots of families and children love this beach.

There are also bathrooms, picnic areas, playgrounds, lifeguards, and grassy areas. These extras are incredibly appealing to families with small children. Especially with those kids who are easily distracted or want to do something different every hour. Here you can pack a cooler full of drinks, snacks, and sandwiches and enjoy the whole day. You will be able to swim, play, soak up the sun, and never fear the ocean or its treacherous tides and waves.

If you want to go to Lydgate State Park simply take Leho Road access in Wailua. Follow the signs for Lydgate State Park and you will be there!

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