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The Makaleha Hike is an Adventure for the Expert Hiker

For those expert hikers out there the Makaleha hike is a definite must. The trail follows a bubbling stream and meanders through a beautiful, lush landscape. One great thing about this trail is if you get very hot while hiking there are lots of different spots where you can cool off in the stream. A true reward is the waterfall that is one third of a mile down the stream after the trail ends. This means you would have to hike through the stream to reach it, but it is so beautiful there is no reason not to.

Keep in mind as you are hiking the Makaleha trail that this is not an officially maintained trail rather it is a trail that is maintained by hikers’ use. So, there will be some parts that are difficult to pass and a challenge. However, you will be rewarded by just as many other parts of the trail that are unbelievable.

If you are an expert hiker and you want to try this trail out then you should start at the end of Kahuna Road. As you pass a water tank you will arrive at the trail. Keep in mind that as the trail goes to the right towards a water tunnel you will continue on. You want to cross the stream at the area where an old dam once was. When you arrive at the part of the trail where it ascends steeply you should walk in the stream for about approximately 40 feet and then after the rock you can get out of the stream and back on the trail. Keep in mind the trail may be muddy because it usually rains on this portion of the island frequently.

As you are taking this hike the stream should always be close by because the trail closely follows the stream. If at some point you no longer hear the stream you may be off course. Water and mosquito repellent are the two prerequisites for this hike.

If you do decide to head down to the waterfall keep in mind that although it is close it could take you the majority of the day. The waterfall is down the left stream where three streams meet at once. This area is absolutely stunning and it might take your breath away. However, if you want to get to the waterfall go ahead and head to the left stream and keep on hiking down. It is about 1 ½ miles in both directions but it is not a super easy walk. Because of this you will want to be prepared not to mention you might pack some water shoes or tabis to make the going easier.

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