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A guide to packing for Kauai

When planning a trip to Kauai it is easy to get so excited about the trip that you forget what you need to pack! However, make a list so this does not happen to you. When you are well prepared for your Kauai vacation you will enjoy the trip more. The following list of what to bring with you to Kauai is not an extensive list, just some of the basics that you definitely don’t want to forget!

Bathing Suits
With sun, sand, and beaches you will need at least two bathing suits if not more. Having at least one spare means you won’t be continuously washing it out in the sink and then putting it back on semi wet. Be sure to have plenty of bathing suits when you come to Kauai!

You want to pack flip flops, hiking shoes, and any other sandals/shoes that are comfortable for walking, dancing, and just enjoying the island. If you aren’t planning on doing any hiking or taking any long walks you could leave your hiking shoes at home. However, a good pair of tennis shoes will always come in handy.

The sun can get pretty strong in Kauai and the last thing you want to do is burn your head or squint the whole time. This can be very uncomfortable. Fortunately, packing a hat and some sunglasses can resolve this problem and protect you from the sun.

Getting sunburned is never fun, but it is easy to do in Kauai. Bring a good SPF 15 sunscreen or higher and be diligent about applying it. Even if you want a good tan, use the sun block at least the first few days while you get a base tan slowly and without burning.

Bug bites can make you miserable and they are a reality on Kauai if you are planning on doing any hiking or tours. So, pack the repellent. You won’t regret it.

Light Jacket
If you are planning a helicopter trip or even a tour to the Kalalau Lookout then a light jacket will come in handy.

Backpack/Fanny Pack
Even if you aren’t planning on hiking a backpack or fanny pack will really come in handy. It’s a great place to carry sunscreen, hats, water, a good book, or anything else you might need when out on the town or heading to the beach.

Another important item not to forget is your medicine! You will be less preoccupied and have fewer risks of medical problems if you make sure you pack all of your medicine and carry your doctor’s phone numbers with you.

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