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North shore beaches - Pali Ke Kua

Pali Ke Kua (Hideaways)
Before you arrive at the gate at Princeville Hotel to head down to Pu’u Poa Beach, about fifty feet before, there is a path that leads to the right by the tennis courts. The path goes down 120 feet or so to Pali Ke Kua Beach. You will go down stairs first and then continue down on a trail. Others refer to this beach as Hideaways, but regardless of the name it is the same beach. Once you begin your decent you should arrive at the beach in five or 10 minutes, depending if you are alone and agile or if you are with a group of people. Here there are two different beaches, but a rocky point separates them into two.

Snorkeling is Out of This World!
This is an outstanding Kauai beach and is a paradise for snorkeling when the beach is calm. There are lots of fish and the underwater terrain is enjoyable as well. Snorkelers love this beach! This is also a good place for kids as long as the path is manageable. If it has been raining then getting down the steps and the path with kids can be a nightmare.

This is a great place to spend an afternoon or your entire vacation thanks to the coarse sand, great snorkeling, and shade trees. There is not a lot of parking available for this beach not to mention it is not marked well. So, if you are looking for a more secluded spot to enjoy the afternoon Hideaways is for you.

If you want to reach the other side of the beach that is separated by the rocks you can simply swim to the right and reach the other half of the beach. Or, if you would prefer to walk you can do so by taking the trail that leads by the Pali Ke Kua condominiums.

Keep in mind that the snorkeling on both beaches is really great and can be enjoyable when the sea is calm. However, you always want to pay attention to the waves, currents, and riptides to ensure safety and an enjoyable vacation.

Watch the Surf
Rip currents are common at this beach when the ocean is rough. In fact, sometimes the surf is so high that the waves take up the entire beach. Because of this risk you should always pay close attention to weather reports and notice how the sea is reacting. The last thing you want is a dangerous situation on your hands, and as long as you are paying attention this is easy to avoid.

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