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Kauai’s South Shore Beaches - Po’ipu Beach Park and Kiahuna Beach

Two of Kauai’s South shore beaches that are popular and great for swimming are Po’ipu Beach Park and Kiahuna Beach. No matter whether you are on the south shore or not you need to check these beaches out!

Po’ipu Beach
If you like being where the action is on the South shore then you will love Kauai’s Po’ipu Beach Park. At Nukomoi Point you will also find some refreshment in the water. This is where the sand bar joins two other pieces of land. You can sit here in the water or in a chair on the sand and enjoy the lapping waves on both sides of the sand! Returning to the beach can be a wet adventure if you are returning at high tide, but it’s definitely worth it. Also, Po’ipu Beach Park is super popular simply because it offers safe swimming left of the Nukomoi Point. This strip of sand that joins the other two pieces of land is called a tombolo, just so you know! If you like snorkeling you will find that to the right of the point it can be truly outstanding. Just keep in mind that the water is always safer to the left, especially if you are swimming with children or inexperienced individuals. Snorkeling and swimming to the right is good, too, it can just be more dangerous because it is not protected.

Another benefit of Po’ipu Beach are the facilities. This makes beach going a whole lot more enjoyable and a lot less stressful of what you will do when nature calls!

Kiahuna Beach
Many locals know this beach as Kiahuna Beach, but there are just as many that know it as Sheraton Beach and still others that call it Po’ipu Beach. What you call it is up to you and no matter what you do most people will know which beach you are talking about!

This beach is located in front of the Sheraton Hotel and Kiahuna Resort, which is where two of the names come from. You will love this beach because it is the perfect backdrop for photos not to mention swimming here is pretty safe. There is a reef that provides significant protection to this beach, which makes swimming a safe adventure most of the time. If you are a surfer you might like to head out past the reef and catch some of the bigger waves, just make sure you are a strong swimmer and a good surfer before doing so. Snorkeling and boogie boarding are both activities that are great at this beach so there is really something for everyone.

If you want to arrive at Kiahuna Beach simply take Hoonani Road and access, the beach is at the end.

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