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North Shore Sights: Princeville and Hanalei

As you continue your northerly drive around Kauai you will begin to approach Princeville after you have passed Kalihiwai. This area was named for Prince Albert who was the son of King Kamehameha IV. Princeville is known for outstanding golf as well as nice ocean front condos. If you want to play some really great golf then you should check out the Prince Golf Course that is just past mile marker 26. You will be amazed at this course and if you are a good player you ought to give it a shot. There are other things you can do along this route even if you aren’t a golf player. One of the popular ones is to hike the Powerline Trail, or at least part of it.

The Powerline Trail is a little more than 10 miles long and it provides many beautiful sights not to mention outstanding exercise! You might be shocked at the beauty of the trail but also want to visit the beach. If this is the case then you can’t miss Hideaways and Queen’s Bath. Both of these areas are treasures and should be visited. Hideaways requires a five or 10 minute walk and Queen’s Bath does too. Regardless, they are both completely worth the effort.

As you pass the Princeville Hotel you may notice you are low on fuel. If this is the case you better stop now because you are about to pass the last gas station on Kauai’s north shore. When you stop to get gas you might consider taking a little a trip across the street to the Hanalei Lookout. Here you will see amazing views of the valley and even have a nice view of the fields where Taro is grown for poi.

Hanalei is the next stop and you might be surprised to see an old one lane wooden bridge. As you approach it you should understand that if the car in front of you goes over the bridge you should pass over the bridge directly behind that car. If you arrive as one car is passing from the other side and there is a car behind that car then let it pass, you don’t alternate turns. Instead, all cars on one side pass and then the other side goes. That’s the rule in Hawaii and since there are a lot of one-lane bridges it’s nice to know the rules!

You will like the Hanalei area because it is pretty and if you are a surfer you just might fall in love. All kinds of people live in Hanalei and that is what makes up so much of its charm. As you pass through Hanalei you will approach the road that will take you to Lumaha’i Beach. The lookout here is outstanding and worth a visit. As you pass this point you might notice that there is a visible difference in the island. That is because it is more lush and green due to the most rainfall and sun on Kauai. Now you know why it is even prettier from here on!

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