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Kauai north shore - Queen's Bath beach

North Shore Beaches- Queen’s Bath
Another one of Kauai’s outstanding north shore beaches is Queen’s Bath. It used to be an obscure treasure that few knew about, but now it’s such a popular beach there are parking lots and signs pointing the way! So much for the obscure treasure, now it’s just a popular treasure!

What is Queen’s Bath?
Queen’s Bath is an interesting beach in that it has no sand and is in fact like a really huge pool in a lava shelf. There is a perfect little stream that connects the ocean to Queen’s Bath and there is always a fresh supply of salt water coming into the pool.

When the surf is low Queen’s Bath is the perfect swimming hole. It is safe and protected yet a whole lot of fun. It’s a great place to relax, swim, and look at the fish through a facemask. The little fish come into Queen’s Bath though the inlet and makes the swimming pool even more enjoyable.

Keep in mind that Queen’s Bath is only for low surf and calm waters. When the surf is too high you can’t really make out the pool not to mention the ocean water flows freely in and out of the pool, making it dangerous. The winter months generally make Queen’s Bath a dangerous place to visit because that is when surf is generally higher. In fact, there is a sign saying Queen’s Bath is closed October 1 – May 1. This is really a generality and meant to make visitors aware of high surf during this time.

However, as long as the surf is low and the inlet is feeding fresh water to the pool you will love swimming here. In fact, it is so special that every time you return to Kauai a visit or two to Queen’s Bath will be on your list.

Getting to Queen’s Bath
In Princeville there is a trail that is just off of Kapiolani Road. Take the trail, but be careful when it is wet because it is slippery. You will walk a little ways, pass a beautiful waterfall, and will wind down at least 120 feet. At the bottom of the trail you will encounter the ocean where a smaller waterfall falls directly into the ocean. Here you will want to walk left 260 yards along the shoreline. There is a lava hole in the recessed rock that is shaped like a horseshoe. Queen’s Bath is in this recessed rock!

Low tide and calm surf conditions are the best in order to find Queen’s Bath. If you can’t find it then perhaps the tide is too high or you didn’t walk far enough! Sometimes that 260-yard walk seems longer than it really is.

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