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Kauai’s West Shore Beaches - Glass Beach, Salt Pond Beach Park and Pakala Beach

Kauai’s West shore is practically one big beach! There are many sights to see at these beaches so keep reading to determine which ones you want to visit first! All three of these beaches are unique, but you can find something to enjoy at each one.

Glass Beach
This beach is not for swimming or laying out, rather it’s a beach that you must see. It’s behind a bunch of ugly gasoline tanks and is in a not so pretty part of town, but the beach is certainly worth checking out. The reason why is that tons of broken pieces of glass wash in to this beach and decorate the sand. When you arrive you will be shocked at the vision of millions of pieces of glass all over the beach. Some days there is not so much glass and other days there is more. It really depends on the tide and the day. But, if you catch it in its glory you will be surprised and shocked at the vision and glad you took the time to visit.

Salt Pond Beach Park
Hawaii’s only natural salt ponds that are still used to make salt sets Salt Pond Beach Park apart from other areas of the island. The way it works is saltwater is placed in large containers and then allowed to evaporate. A little more water is added and the mixture is placed in containers that are more shallow. Then, it evaporates again. This process is continued until lots of salt crystals are left behind.

The beach here has two points and it is a favorite place for locals to congregate and enjoy the beach. A natural rock barrier connects the two points, which makes for a calm pool of water inside. This protected ocean water is a great place for kids to play as long as it is low tide. It can become more dangerous during high tide.

Arriving at Salt Pond Beach Park simply requires taking Lele Road in Hanapepe.

Pakala Beach
At Pakala Beach you might want to stop off and enjoy the view of expert surfers rather than try the water or waves out for yourself. This beach is dangerous for regular swimmers or those who are not extremely experienced. Lots of cars line the road here, which is just after mile marker 21. You can park and walk to the beach to watch some outstanding surfing. A place on Pakala Beach is also called Infinities simply because the waves last for such a long time. The water is pretty dark, but the waves are fantastic and surfers can really hang ten.

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