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North shore beaches - SeaLodge and ‘Anini beach park

Two more beautiful beaches that grace the North Shore of Kauai include SeaLodge Beach and ‘Anini Beach Park. Both of these beaches are popular in their own ways and have some really great sand, water, and trees to make a day at the beach enjoyable.

SeaLodge Beach
An indented cliff boasts a stretch of sand that is coarse and enjoyable because it doesn’t stick like glue to your body! There are lots of trees that provide shade and the beach is mostly secluded. This is especially the case during the summer months. So, if you are looking for a nice romantic backdrop away from it all SeaLodge Beach just might be the place for you.

You can enjoy snorkeling here as well when the seas are calm. However, look out for currents and rising tides. You don’t want to be at SeaLodge Beach when the surf is higher than usual because the water and waves break against the cliffs. As long as you are informed of the surf conditions you should be fine and be able to enjoy SeaLodge Beach.

Getting to SeaLodge Beach involved a 10 to 15 minute mile walks, but it is beautiful and certainly worthwhile. On the right past the chain at the end of Keoniana Road is a trail. This trail begins at the end of a long paved driveway. You will follow the trail for a ways as it meanders beside a stream, then a left turn will keep you walking in the direction of the ocean. There is another trail that intersects here as well that comes from the SeaLodge Resort, Building A. Once you approach the ocean you will veer to the left. At this point you have reached SeaLodge Beach! It sounds complicated to arrive, but if you follow the trail it really is easier than it reads!

‘Anini Beach Park
Once upon a time ‘Anini Beach Park was known as Wanini Beach. Then, a local who felt a mistake had been made in the name decided to shoot the “W” off the name. The result was that locals believed a mistake had been corrected as well and ‘Anini Beach was the result.

The real estate at ‘Anini Beach Park is in high demand by the rich and famous. That is because it is a beautiful area and the beach is protected by a fringing reef that is extremely long. Here the swimming is outstanding and possibly the safest on all of Kauai. Not to mention that snorkeling is pretty good, too. In order to stay safe you will want to avoid the western part of the beach where the water flows back out to the ocean.

The pavilion boasts facilities and you can camp here with a county permit. If you are interested in learning how to windsurf while you are on your Kauai vacation then ‘Anini Beach Park is the place to do it.

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